may 16, 2018 - Four Seasons

Zanaya Restaurant and Insurgente Create the Perfect Pairing for Pacific Coast Cuisine at Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City

New menu offered for the month of May, with #zanayabeer taking a permanent place on the menu

May 16, 2018,  Mexico City, Mexico

When one thinks of the best experiences on the Pacific coast, they surely include having the freshest fish while enjoying the weather and the breeze of the sea, and on top the joy to the senses brought by a beer that not only softens the heat, but also elevates the flavours of the #food.

Having this in mind, Zanaya restaurant at Four Seasons #hotel Mexico City, in collaboration with Insurgente, organized on April 19, 2018 two pairings for special guests with the purpose of creating a five course dinner, each dish paired with beer, bringinto together the best flavours of the Pacific, combining the genius of Chef Tonatiuh Cuevas with the creativity, body and variety of Insurgente, a Mexican brewery that has celebrated since its origins in Tijuana the creation of beers that amaze consumers.

  •       First course: #zanayaceviche #zanayawitbier - Made with clam, steak, avocado and fresh shrimp juice, this dish pairs perfectly with this light beer designed to accompany seafood; made of wheat and pilsner malt, during its brewing orange peel was aggregated to give the beverage citric notes.
  •       Second course: #lobstertaco #lalupulosa - The great amounts of hops used to make this beer produce intense fruit flavours that take to another level the Sonora tortilla, chili cora sauce, panela cheese and beans that make up this taco.
  •       Third course: #woodfiredoysters #rompeolasandjuancordero - The smoked characteristics of the dish accompanied with pineapple pico de gallo and garlic chili sauce taste so much better when paired with Rompeolas, a IPA beer charged with tropical aromas and flavours; when paired with Juan Cordero, named in honour of the street where Insurgente brewery was born, the tropical flavours of the Pacific are brought to #mexicocity with this pale ale.
  •       Fourth course: Spiced Pork Ribs a la Aarandeada Zanaya Brown - The cupper colour that reveals the caramel, #chocolate and toasted flavours of this beer is ideal to pair with this dish and its particular way of preparation, along with the side dishes like smashed bananas, red onion and cora chili.
  •       Fifth course: Corn Bread, Malt Cream and Citrics Xocoveza - To close the experience with a sweet note, nothing like a beer inspired by Mexican hot #chocolate to go along this delicious typical Mexican dessert. The beer is a milk stout that has lactose to strength the body and make it creamier; this consistency, together with ingredients such as coffee, cocoa, vanilla and pasilla chili, reinvents the night snack.

This pairing is part of the essence of #zanayarestaurant, which wants to offer its guests and clients the perfect balance between Mexican Pacific traditions without leaving innovation behind and the desire to reconstruct the national cuisine. Now, along with Insurgente brewery, the restaurant assaults the senses to show that the flavours we take for granted can surprise us.

Great Things Always Remain

Because of the success of this pairing, this special menu will still be offered through June 2, 2018 so guests can have a taste of summer before the season begins with the best of Pacific cuisine.

Also, #zanayabeer will become part of the permanent beverages menu, so Zanaya’s guests can make their own pairings with their favourite dishes.

About Zanaya Beer

Zanaya Restaurant and Insurgente join forces to bring new sensorial experiences to guests and clients with two beers whose purpose is to accentuate Pacific cuisine from Zanaya and create at the same time new flavours when pairing the beverages with dishes.

  •       Zanaya Brown - An American brown ale beer gives away notes of caramel, #chocolate and toast from its brown copper colour. A beverage that was born during the Prohibition era in United States, in this variation the American hops used in the final stages of boiling gives it a flavour where the frutal and citric notes live in harmony with a bitter flavour.
  •       Zanaya Wietbier - Its high fermentation makes it a refreshing beer that has been a favourite for centuries and now it’s ready to conquer the palates of clients at Zanaya. Made with wheat and pilsner malt, this beer, perfect to pair with seafood, is prepared with an orange peel and coriander to incorporate citric flavours to the beverage.