june 25, 2020 - Acciona

ACCIONA's scooter sharing launches in Rome: 500 electric motorcycles arrive in the capital in the name of sustainability and safety

#acciona launches its scooter sharing service also in Rome
• To celebrate the arrival in Rome, #acciona scooters will be available free of charge on July 16th
• Furthermore, for all new members, the first 20 minutes of driving are free
• A solution against Covid ready-to-use on board kit
• The #acciona App monitors the CO2 emissions saved by using the service 

Rome, 25 June 2020. #acciona, leading company in the supply of sustainable solutions for renewable #energy infrastructures and projects all over the world and global leading operator in the free floating scooter sharing industry, continues its expansion in Italy by launching to where the fleet will initially consist of 500 vehicles. And to celebrate its launch in the Città Eterna, #acciona will offer its services for free on July 16th both for existing and new users that register on the app. Rome is second city launched in Italy after Milan last February with 300 motorcycles. #acciona also operates in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza and Lisbon with a total fleet of 10000 shared scooters. 

"We are further expanding the offer of sharing services in our city with the entry of a leading company in the sector of sustainable economy and renewable #energy. With #acciona we will have 500 zero scooters, available to citizens and tour from the historic center to the Eur or Montesacro. It is a service destined to grow in Rome where the sharing of eco daily journeys is now an established reality that enjoys our support," says Virginia Raggi, major of Rome.

“We are happy to welcome this new operator thanks to which we strengthen a useful, functional service in line with our vision of sustainable and shared mobility. Sharing is a priority for our administ represents an important transport alternative to move in a big city like Rome, helping to reduce road congestion and polluting emissions", adds Pietro Calabrese, Mobility City Councilor.

"Starting our service in Rome in a historical moment like this is certainly a challenge, but it is even more an opportunity", explains Riccardo Valle, Country Manager for ACCIONA's Mobility Service in Italy, "We are, in fact, convinced that we can give concrete support to the Capital by offering a
sustainable and at the same time safe service, capable of simplifying the movements of citizens and guaranteeing correct social distancing”.

Following the emergency due to Covid-19, #acciona has, in fact, established a strict hygiene protocol that respects all the requirements and indications of the national and local health authorities. All scooters of the fleet are regularly sanitized by a dedicated team and are also equipped with a readyto-use cleaning kit. Customers, therefore, can find inside the trunk of each
scooter wet wipes for cleaning the areas of greatest contact, a hydroalcoholic liquid for the hands, both to be used before and after each trip, and disposable under-helmets.

ACCIONA therefore arrives in Rome in the name of safety but also of environmental sustainability: "For our service we use 100% electric scooters and renewable #energy to recharge them. The more than 10.000 motorcycles offered so far in Milan, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Zaragoza and
Lisbon have saved a total of 1.000 tons of CO2 emissions, the equivalent of the amount that 100,000 cars produce in one day.", stated Filippo Maria Brunelleschi, Expansion Director of ACCIONA’s Mobility Service, “As a demonstration of ACCIONA's strong commitment to sustainability, the App itself is designed to provide users with information on CO2 emissions saved
compared to using the private car". 

How does it work
To use #acciona scooters, users must download the Smartphone App from their Store. By creating a personal account and entering a payment method, they will automatically receive 20 free driving minutes and will be able to identify the scooters on the map. Then they simply have to select the desired vehicle on the app to book it for free for up to 15 minutes. Once on board, they will have to press the "MODE" button on the handlebar to start the bike.

The Operational Area of the service includes the main key areas of the City as the Termini station, Prati, EUR, Garbatella, Ostiense, Pigneto, Monte Sacro e Flaminio neighbors, as well as all the historical city center. It is possible to travel outside these areas but, to close the rental, it will be necessary to return inside the area, park the scooter in the parking areas dedicated to motorcycles and end the journey through the app. To ensure the sanitation of the fleet and the replacement of personal protective equipment, the service will be available to users from 6:00 in the morning to 2:00 at night. Customers can contact the #acciona customer service, available 24/7, to manage
questions and any accidents or problems by phone (800 500 248) or email (hola@acciona-motosharing.com). 

ACCIONA scooters
ACCIONA scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries with the equivalent power of a 125cc engine. They offer three driving modes: a Standard one ("S"), with speeds up to 50 km/h for use in the city; a Custom one ("C") and a Xtra one (“X”), which can reach 80 and 100 km/h respectively for use on the highway. It is possible to change the driving mode during the trip. The service is open to all users who have held a driving license for car or motorcycle. The motorbikes are all equipped to carry two #people. In the trunk, which can be opened via the app, users will find two helmets of different sizes, hairnets, wet wipes to clean from the saddle to the handlebar and the hydro-alcoholic hand liquid, together with the documents of the vehicle. Under the handlebar on the right, also two USB ports are available to charge the smartphone in case of need. 

Service costs
The cost of the service varies from € 0.29 to € 0.40 per minute depending on the driving mode chosen (S, C and X) and includes the costs of maintenance, refueling (electricity), vehicle insurance, VAT and customer service availability. Signing up for the service is totally free and will include 20
minutes of free driving.

ACCIONA is a global group that develops and manages sustainable infrastructure solutions, particularly in renewable #energy projects. Its range of services covers the entire value chain of design, construction, operation and maintenance. ACCIONA's aim is to lead the transition to a low-carbon economy and does this by applying technical excellence and innovation to design a better planet. The company earned revenues of €7.19 billion in 2019, has a presence in more than 60 countries and carries out its activities within a commitment to the economic and social development of the communities in which it operates.