april 03, 2019 - Ford

Ford Go Further 2019

Ford has unveiled an advanced line-up of electrified vehicles – marking a new milestone for the company and its customers – at a special “Go Further” experience in #amsterdam, Netherlands. 

Ford unveiled at “Go Further” the #Kuga Plug-In Hybrid variant of the company’s all-new mid-size #SUV – Ford’s most electrified vehicle ever and the first #Ford to offer mild-hybrid, full-hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains. The all-new #explorerpluginhybrid #SUV and the new #tourneocustompluginhybrid people-mover made their global debuts. #Ford also revealed the new Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid and Focus EcoBoost Hybrid models that feature mild-hybrid technology for optimised fuel-efficiency, and a more rewarding driving experience. 

In addition, #Ford announced that a new all-electric Transit will join the company’s line-up of electrified commercial vehicles in 2021, and Ford’s Mustang-inspired all-electric performance #SUV will arrive in 2020, with a pure-electric driving range of 600 km.