february 11, 2019 - Keymitt Sa

Keymitt - Convert your door lock into a smart lock

Our mission is to build a secure keyless entry system for any household and business.

Smart lock are lagging behind an adop on compared to other smart devices due to their high price and difficulty to install. Our goal is to build such a product that you will fall in love with, won’t cost you a fortune, will be easy to install and will take your experience to the next level.

Keymi Smart Lock System offers a key-less entry solu on to any business or household. The Smart Lock System consists of Keymi Smart Lock, Interphone MicroBot Push, and a Wi-Fi bridge - Hub that connects first two devices to the internet. Key-less entry lets you use your smartphone to lock/unlock your door, grant guest access and monitor entries.

Retrofi ng your door lock with Keymi is easy and can be done without any prior skill and tools while keeping the exis ng mechanical locks intact.

BnB Host Experience
The system can be integrated with major bed & breakfast booking websites to bring self-check- in feature to the hosts and flexibility of entry to the guests. With Keymi , any apartment owner can scale up their hos ng ac vity without it becoming their only occupa on. Check-in and check-out are remote thanks to automa c digital key issuance and revoca on that is done in synchroniza on with the booking calendar.

Easy check-in for guests
Guests no longer have to coordinate the handover of keys with their hosts. Once in front of the door, they use the App on their smartphones to open the door.

Keymitt Smart Lock is an autonomous retrofitting device that is easily installed from the inside of the apartment on top of the existing lock. The smart lock will rotate the key/knob when given commands via #Keymitt App.

The built in knob allows you to lock/unlock your door manually too in case of emergency. The device is fully autonomous and is powered by a set of ba eries that will last for at least one year. You will get no fied by the device lights and via the App in case the ba eries are running low.

Further information in the press release to download