may 09, 2018 - Seat

SEAT sales go up by 21% in April

<p>Martorell, 08/05/2018. - #Seat continues to break records. After completing the best first<br />quarter in its history, SEAT&rsquo;s global sales are making steady headway and increased by 21% in<br />April, for a total of 50,100 cars sold (2017: 41,400). With this volume, #Seat has achieved its<br />best April figures, breaking the record of 45,100 vehicles set in 2000.<br />SEAT&rsquo;s accumulated sales from January to April 2018 show record volumes, exceeding the<br />highest figure ever reached, also posted in 2000 (181,300 vehicles). In total, the brand sold<br />189,300 cars worldwide, which is 19.3% more than in the same period of 2017 (158,700).<br />SEAT Vice-president for Sales and Marketing Wayne Griffiths pointed out that &ldquo;in April we<br />maintained a record sales volume. In Europe we are clearly expanding above the market trend,<br />and our growth beyond Europe is even stronger thanks to the positive performance in #algeria.<br />SEAT&rsquo;s globalisation strategy is already delivering results. Likewise, we continue to innovate<br />with new projects such as the eCommerce platform we have implemented to launch sales in<br />Norway. This project will be used as an incubator to develop solutions for the rest of our<br />markets&rdquo;.<br />In the first four months of the year, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, together with<br />Algeria, were the four fastest growing countries in vehicle sales compared to the same period<br />in 2017. Spain, SEAT&rsquo;s leading market, went up by 15.9% for a total of 39,200 cars sold,<br />followed by Germany (35,300; +19.0%) and the United Kingdom (23,700; +13.8%). France<br />and Italy, two strategic markets for #Seat, also grew steadily to reach 10,000 (+13.3%) and<br />8,400 vehicles (+17.5%), respectively. Austria (7,800; +23.7%), Switzerland (4,000; +18.0%),<br />Belgium (3,900; +29.8%), Portugal (3,500; +29.0%) and the Netherlands (3,300; +45.0%)<br />continued their strong upward trend.<br />In Eastern Europe, #Seat sales soared by 22.8% until the end of April, with a total of 12,700<br />vehicles delivered, thanks to the momentum of countries such as the Czech Republic (3,100;<br />+16.4%), Slovakia (1,800; +150.3%) and Slovenia (1,000; +26.7%). Outside Europe, growth<br />was even higher, with #Seat posting a 24.8% increase for a total of 28,300 cars. The key to this<br />rise was an upswing in sales in #algeria, where the 10,000 vehicles delivered is 10 times more<br />than the figure for the same period in 2017, Morocco (900; +64.8%) and Tunisia (700;<br />+19.2%).</p>

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