dicembre 09, 2021

14 restaurants are part of the MICHELIN Guide Belgrade’s first selection

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  • The MICHELIN Guide Belgrade 2022 highlights local cuisine and celebrates the diversity of Serbian fare
  • 14 restaurants are recommended by the MICHELIN Guide, one of which is awarded a Bib Gourmand

Michelin is delighted to unveil, for the first time, a MICHELIN Guide to Belgrade, to celebrate the richness of the city's dining scene. In this first selection 14 restaurants are recommended, one of which has received a Bib Gourmand from the MICHELIN Guide inspectors. This distinction is one of the public’s favourites and recognizes restaurants offering a high quality menu at a great price.

With this selection, Belgrade becomes a Michelin recommended destination for its rich and diverse dining experiences”, explains Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides. “These past 2 years have been hard on the restaurant and tourism industries and this first selection to Belgrade will help strengthen the local industry. The potential here is real, with effervescent, young, and talented professionals ready to shine and highlight their culture. In Belgrade, there is a very dynamic vibe, but also a generous authenticity, especially in the culinary experiences.”

The country’s multi-faceted cuisine – brought about by its geographical location between East and West, and the richness of its exchanges throughout history – has created a strong and varied culinary culture, where Turkish, Hungarian, and other Balkan influences abound.

Serbian landscapes, full of rich and fertile lands, offer a wonderful range of expression for chefs, with high-quality produce available all year round. Throughout the ages, Serbia has also been known for its viticulture, with grape varieties full of character. The result is a culinary scene that is vibrant, popular and accessible for every gourmet.

As always, the Belgrade selection has been made by the anonymous and independent MICHELIN Guide inspectors, who evaluate restaurants based on the MICHELIN Guide’s universal criteria, in order to make the best recommendations for gourmets across the globe.

This initial selection brings together 14 restaurants and includes everything from a restaurant in a shopping centre to one in a former customs house… and the range of cuisines is equally diverse, from classical and authentic (Salon 1905, Gušti mora, JaM) to modern and creative (Enso, Homa, Magellan, The Square, Legat 1903); Japanese (Ebisu) to Mediterranean (Comunale Cafè e Cucina, Mezestoran Dvorište, Langouste).

A Bib Gourmand is awarded to Iva New Balkan Cuisine.

This friendly, neighbourhood café-cum-restaurant is awarded a MICHELIN Bib Gourmand for its great quality, great value cooking. In this modern-looking restaurant, gourmets can enjoy traditional Balkan recipes that are subtly refined while remaining wholesome and comforting.

Bela Reka has been identified for its commitment to sustainability.

This city establishment is applauded for its sustainability credentials. The owner’s farm, located in the Homolje Mountains, provides a wonderful array of meats and goat’s cheeses, which are accompanied by wines from their estate. Their aim is to promote local farmers and producers, and to preserve the identity of traditional Serbian cuisine.

The MICHELIN Guide Belgrade 2022 selection is published in digital format only – listings can be found on the MICHELIN Guide website and on the free MICHELIN Guide iOS and Android apps.