novembre 30, 2021

432 restaurants recommended to celebrate the 15th edition of the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo together with the gastronomic excellence of the Japanese capital.

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  • The MICHELIN Guide Tokyo celebrates its 15th edition
  • 3 new two Star restaurants, 20 new one Star restaurants and 8 new MICHELIN Green Star restaurants in the new awards for 2022
  • The Special Service and mentor Chef Awards are presented for the first time

Michelin is pleased to present the 2022 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo. With a total of 432 restaurants recommended, including 12 three Star restaurants, 41 two Star restaurants, 150 one Star restaurants and 229 Bib Gourmand restaurants, this new selection is an enthusiastic celebration of the 15th edition of the Guide devoted to the Japanese capital.

The MICHELIN Guide Tokyo, the first edition of the MICHELIN Guide to cover an Asian destination, was revealed for the very first time in 2007: it then referenced some 150 MICHELIN-star restaurants, recommended in 15 categories of cuisine. Today, the 2022 Tokyo edition of the counts 203 MICHELIN-star establishments and 229 Bib Gourmand restaurants, celebrates 36 styles of cuisine, promotes the particularly committed sustainable initiatives of 14 restaurants with the MICHELIN Green Star and, with the launching of two new special awards, encourages the professional mentoring and know-how related to hosting and dining room service. All are illustrations of the dynamism and level of excellence of the local gastronomic scene which the MICHELIN Guide inspection teams have pleasure in witnessing and promoting.

"The year 2021 was both particularly complex for the hotel industry staff and for the Japanese restaurant business. Nevertheless, in spite of the challenges, the chefs, cooks, hosting and service professionals have demonstrated the outstanding commitment desired by gourmets and we would like to congratulate them", comments Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of MICHELIN Guides.

"The 2022 edition celebrates the 15th selection of restaurants for the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo; a selection of awards that brilliantly reflects the very high gastronomic level of the recommended restaurants, the diversity of addresses and also the growing commitment for a sustainable gastronomy emphasized by the MICHELIN Green Star. The 2022 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo most certainly demonstrates how much the Japanese capital features among the most attractive on the world gastronomic scene. " 

12 three Star restaurants, 3 of which have been at the top of world gastronomy for 15 years

All the three Star restaurants highlighted in the 2021 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo keep their awards this year. They continue to make Tokyo the town in the world that has the most restaurants "worth the trip", and the 2022 awards list Kanda, Quintessence and Joël Robuchon, whose unique cuisine and exceptional refinement have led the Guide’s inspectors recommend these addresses with three MICHELIN Stars for the 15th consecutive year.

3 restaurants are promoted from one to two MICHELIN Stars

At ASAHINA Gastronome, the chef Satoru Asahina and his team offer a particularly creative and elegant French cuisine. Revisiting certain Japanese traditions with a French twist, - for example the consommé that accompanies the main dish, inspired by the Japanese custom of serving hot soup at the end of the meal -,  the chef also displays a very high level of know-how on sauces, trimmings and presentation.

Well-known to our teams of inspectors, Nihombashi-kakigaracho Sugita is distinguished with a second MICHELIN Star. On the counter where customers are invited to dine opposite the chefs or in a private room, the master Takaaki Sugita serves nigiri and other sushi in the Edo style which are distinguished by a particularly generous topping. The vinegary and slightly sour rice goes perfectly with the alosa with gizzard, one of the chef's signature dishes.

Crony, whose name means "long-standing friend" in Japanese, offers an experience where hospitality and treats are the key words. Staring with a cup of tea that varies according to season, the menu devised by chef Michihiro Haruta takes its inspiration from French tastes and techniques. Minimalist and harmonious both in taste and in colors, Crony's dishes express a very special attention to product seasonality and demonstrate a good dose of creativity.

In all, with the addresses whose distinction is confirmed, the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2022 references 41 two MICHELIN-star restaurants.

20 new restaurants awarded a MICHELIN Star

In spite of the particularly difficult health and economic context in Japan, the MICHELIN Guide inspectors noted the opening of many restaurants throughout the year. The 2022 edition reflects this and 20 new restaurants join the selection with one MICHELIN Star. Among these, Sorahana, led by chef Kanako Wakimoto, offers a cuisine where ingredients with natural flavors are at the heart of the dishes. Thus, the plate of sazae shellfish, from close to the Miura peninsula and deep-fried, impressed our inspectors' palates with its nori and iodine flavors.

At WASA, gourmets will enjoy Cantonese and Sichuanese specialties, here give an innovatory and top class make-over by chef Masataka Yamashita.

Lovers of tempura will enjoy a real treat at Ten Yokata or Tempura Yaguchi, while Sushi Kojima, Sushi Masashi, Sushi Matsuura and Sushi Ryujiro are distinguished for the excellence, the delicacy and authenticity of their sushis.

French cuisine is also very well represented in this new edition with no less than 5 restaurants joining the selection with one MICHELIN Star. Floraison, L'ARGENT, est, SEZANNE and Nœud. TOKYO.

Chukasoba Ginza Hachigou, a restaurant specialized in the preparation of ramen and recommended with a Bib Gourmand in the 2021 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo, is promoted and awarded a MICHELIN Star.

In all, 150 addresses are recommended with one MICHELIN Star in the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo 2022.

8 new MICHELIN Green Stars to recognize and encourage the sustainable initiatives of particularly committed restaurants

Awarded for the first time in the 2021 MICHELIN Guide Tokyo, this year the MICHELIN Green Star highlights the efforts and actions of 8 new particularly committed restaurants with a more sustainable gastronomic model: Crony, Den, FARO, La Paix, L’OSIER, Ma Cuisine, Noeud. TOKYO and Sazenka.

The MICHELIN Green Star promotes establishments that combine culinary excellence and remarkable commitments. It is awarded on a yardstick of field work, research and discussion led by inspectors from the Guide.

In addition to guiding diners to these addresses where singular dining experiences are offered, the MICHELIN Green Star highlights restaurants that are a real source of inspiration and mobilization both for gourmets and for professionals in the sector.

In all, the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo references 14 restaurants awarded a MICHELIN Green Star.

A fine selection for 2022 of Bib Gourmand restaurants with 35 new addresses.

The Bib Gourmand, an award designed to highlight quality restaurants with an interesting quality-price ratio, again this year offers a rich and eclectic selection of 229 restaurants to discover. All these addresses illustrate the dynamism of the town in the restaurant business in terms of quality and accessibility. With 35 new addresses, Tokyo further confirms its reputation as a world gastronomic destination. Among the new addresses, Katsuo Shokudo offers dishes that feature bonito, one of the star products in traditional Japanese food culture while Ăn Cơm offers Vietnamese specialties, Gracia GASTROBAR de Barcelona Spanish flavors.

Two special Awards awarded for the first time in the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo

For the first time, the MICHELIN Guide Tokyo introduces two special MICHELIN awards - the Mentor Chef Award supported by Blancpain and the Service Award supported by Mitsui Fudosan. These awards aim to highlight the talent and devotion of dedicated professionals, passionate about their profession and committed to offering their customers memorable gastronomic experiences.

MICHELIN Mentor Chef Award

The chef Hiroyuki Kanda heads Japanese Kanda restaurant awarded three MICHELIN Stars for the last 15 years. Experienced and highly respected, chef Hiroyuki is a model, concerned with passing on his know-how to young generations, while preserving a balance between tradition and culinary creation.

MICHELIN Service Award

The Service Award is awarded to an exceptional professional, Mayuka Arai. In  French restaurant Hommage, two MICHELIN Stars and located in the center of Asakusa, Mayuka Arai, always wearing the kimono, applies herself to passing on a slice of Japanese culture. Warm and convivial, she welcomes diners with much hospitality and elegance in this original establishment, which offers to take dishes to young mothers after the birth of their baby, or a crèche for mothers from families with professional obligations.