ottobre 06, 2020

The MICHELIN Guide Kyoto Osaka + Okayama 2021 unveiled

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  • 20 new Starred restaurants in Kyoto and Osaka
  • Okayama joins the MICHELIN Guide family, with an impressive 20 Starred restaurants
  • The MICHELIN Green Star makes its debut in Japan

Michelin is pleased to unveil its new edition of the MICHELIN Guide Kyoto Osaka 2021, which has been enriched this year with a brand new selection of restaurants for Okayama Prefecture.

A total of 216 restaurants in Kyoto, 207 in Osaka and 193 in Okayama form a very rich and diverse selection featuring a wide range of cuisines, including Indian, Korean and Italian, specialized freshwater eel and fugu establishments, and Sukiyaki – Japanese hot pot – and Tonkatsu restaurants.

20 new One Star restaurants in Kyoto and Osaka

Now in the 12th edition of the MICHELIN Guide Kyoto and Osaka, new restaurants have once again enriched the selection this year. Thirteen new restaurants have received a first Star in Kyoto and 7 in Osaka.

Once again, we are delighted to reveal a new selection of restaurants for Kyoto, where traditional Japanese cuisine lives and breathes, and for Osaka, where a true melting pot of culinary cultures fosters a rich gastronomic landscape. Every year, and this one is no exception, Kyoto and Osaka never fail to show us their ever-growing potential as well as their many talented and creative chefs, making the two cities world-leading gastronomic destinations,” said Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides.

In Kyoto, among the newly Starred restaurants, Ichijoji Norihide, Gion Kajisho, Sanso Kyoyamato, Shimogamo Saryo, Noguchi Tsunagu and Yuyu propose fine Japanese cuisine, while TAKAYAMA offers Italian flavors and Velrosier and Kyo Seika serve Chinese specialties. Two other restaurants have been praised for their innovative dishes: CAINOYA and Lurra. Sushi specialist Sushi Hayashi and yakitori specialist Torisaki have also made the list for the first time.

In Osaka, the Starred newcomers include two French restaurants – Idéal Bistro and La Bécasse –, one Italian – La Lucciola –, and three Japanese: Sumibi Kappo Ishii, Higashichaya Nakamura and Yugen. Sushi specialist Sushi Yuden has also received its first Star.

With these new additions, the total number of Starred restaurants has increased to 110 in Kyoto, including 7 restaurants that have retained their three Stars, 19 Two Star restaurants and 84 One Star restaurants. Osaka now boasts 3 Three Star restaurants, 12 Two Stars restaurants and 81 One Star restaurants, representing a total of 96 Starred restaurants.

And beyond the impressive number of establishments awarded by the MICHELIN Guide inspectors, Kyoto stands out for the consistent excellence of its restaurants.

Two of the Three Star establishments – Kikunoi Honten and Hyotei – have been awarded three Stars for 12 consecutive years.

The rich diversity of the gastronomic scene in Kyoto and Osaka is also reflected in the Bib Gourmand selection, which features 106 establishments in Kyoto, including 22 new eateries, and 111 in Osaka, of which 23 are new. The Bib Gourmand selection covers 26 different types of cuisine, including izakaya, soba, yakitori, ramen, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and French.

193 restaurants, including two that have been awarded two Stars, directly join the MICHELIN Guide selection for Okayama

For the first time, the prefecture of Okayama has been explored by our MICHELIN insepctors. Impressed by the very high gastronomic potential of the region, they have directly awarded two Stars to two restaurants. Kuikiri Ryori Happo (Japanese cuisine) is a kappo restaurant in Okayama City whose cooking style is similar to that in Osaka, where kelp is used with carefully selected ingredients to serve fine dishes. Sushi En mainly uses fish from the Seto Inland Sea, and combined with the know-how of its chef and teams, creates particularly rich and tasty sushi.

Among the 18 restaurants which have received a first Star are 10 Japanese cuisine restaurants – Aoi, Ajisobo Mugi, Oryori Sugi, Kaiseki Shoichiro, Shoun, Honami, Rakushunsai Sato, Kurashiki Ichie, Bricole and Yamazato –, three sushi establishments – Uosho, Matsuzushi, and Yamamoto –, three Italian restaurants – Essere, Kashirajima Restaurant Cucina Terada and Acca –, one Chinese restaurant – Hasunomi –, and one French restaurant – Lionni.

Together with the 28 restaurants which have received a Bib Gourmand and the 145 which have been awarded a MICHELIN Plate, the MICHELIN Guide selection for Okayama lists no less than 193 restaurants.

The new MICHELIN Green Star highlights the ambitious commitments of 15 restaurants at the forefront of sustainable gastronomy

This year, Michelin is sheding light on the efforts of restaurants at the forefront of practicing sustainable gastronomy. In addition to evaluating an establishment on the basis of gastronomic criteria relating to what is on the plate, our inspectors have also considered the entire ecosystem of a restaurant and have gathered information about chefs’ practices and their philosophy on sustainable gastronomy.

To highlight the best and most innovative practices and put the spotlight on role model establishments which are actively committed and contribute to raising awareness of the importance of environmental issues, we have introduced, and for the first time in Japan, a new distinction: the MICHELIN Green Star,” explained Gwendal Poullennec.

As a complement to a culinary distinction, the MICHELIN Green Star has been awarded to 15 selected restaurants (5 in Kyoto, 2 in Osaka and 8 in Okayama), highliting these establishments’ inspiring and virtuous initiatives.

The MICHELIN Guide Kyoto Osaka + Okayama 2021 selection at a glance :

- In Kyoto :

7 restaurants with three Stars;

19 restaurants with two Stars;

84 restaurants with one Star (13 new);

106 restaurants with a Bib Gourmand (22 new);

5 restaurants with a MICHELIN Green Star.

- In Osaka :

3 restaurants with three Stars;

12 restaurants with two Stars;

81 restaurants with one Star (7 new);

111 restaurants with Bib Gourmand (23 new);

2 restaurants with a MICHELIN Green Star.

- In Okayama :

2 restaurants with two Stars;

18 restaurants with one Star;

28 restaurants with Bib Gourmand;

145 restaurants with a MICHELIN Plate;

8 restaurants with a MICHELIN Green Star.