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Hans-Michael Koetzle: 2 Risultati image 47 Immagini

download-icon01 Fred Herzog, Man with bandage, 1968, Courtesy of Equinox Gallery, Vancouver © Fred Herzog, 2016 preview

download-icon02 Construction of a High-Rise, Düsseldorf 1959 - work cycle “Die Deutschen” © René Burri preview

download-icon03 Christer Strömholm Nana, Place Blanche, Paris 1961 © Christer Strömholm Estate 2014 preview

download-icon03 Thomas Hoepker, Forth of July Parade, San Francisco, 1963 © Thomas Hoepker preview

download-icon05 Oskar Barnack, Flood in Wetzlar, 1920 © Leica Camera AG preview

download-icon06 Julius Huisgen, Oskar Barnack at His Workplace in the Hausertor Works, 1934 © Leica Camera AG preview

download-icon07 Ur-Leica, built by Oskar Barnack, completed in 1914 © Leica Camera AG preview

download-icon08 Paolo Roversi, Kate, Studio, Paris, 1996 © Paolo Roversi preview

download-icon09 Jeff Mermelstein, Sidewalk, 1995 © Jeff Mermelstein preview

download-icon10 Walter Vogel „Dalmatian dog“, Düsseldorf 1956 © Walter Vogel preview

download-icon11 Ramón Masats, untitled, Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) Madrid, 1960 © Ramón Masats preview