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giugno 11, 2024 - Peugeot

PEUGEOT puts Allure at the heart of Paris Fashion Week® from June 2024

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From 18th to 27th June, for the first time, PEUGEOT is partnering with the Paris Fashion Week® as the Official Automotive Partner. This commitment embodies PEUGEOT's Allure, by positioning itself at the heart of an event that celebrates both iconic luxury brands and emerging talents. As part of this edition, PEUGEOT also continues its collaboration with the talented French designer Emeric Tchatchoua, founder of the avant-garde fashion brand 3.PARADIS.

ALLURE: PEUGEOT shares its passion for Allure with top couturiers and young designers.

EMOTION: Pleasure is the driving force of fashion; it is also at the heart of driving a PEUGEOT.

EXCELLENCE: PEUGEOT and Paris Fashion Week®, emblems of French Excellence.

For PEUGEOT, the world is better with Allure. A conviction that places human-centred creativity at the heart of its brand strategy. A commitment shared with the Paris Fashion Week® organized by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, which, for 50 years, has put designers in the spotlight.

In 2024, for the first time, PEUGEOT is the Official Automotive Partner of the Paris Fashion Week® for the Spring/Summer 2025 Men's Fashion edition taking place from June 18 to 27, the Autumn/Winter 2024/2025 Haute Couture week taking place from June 24 to 27 and for the Spring/Summer 2025 Women's Fashion edition scheduled from September 23 to October 1.

As part of this partnership, PEUGEOT will provide 30 vehicles - including the 408 Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid, as well as its new E-3008, - which will be used for the transportation of personalities invited by the Paris Fashion Week®, thus offering unique visibility for the brand in the heart of the Capital.

An intensely creative brand, with a range that has been completely renewed in the last two years, PEUGEOT partners with creators in various artistic fields:

  • a collaboration with the artist J. Demsky who last year transformed the PEUGEOT 9X8 Hypercar participating in the World Endurance Championship into a true art car
  • a partnership with YellowKorner, the leading publisher and distributor of art photography, which invited 5 photographers to reveal their vision of Allure
  • or the short programme “Sublime Inspiration” on the French television channel TF1, highlighting the work of creators in all artistic fields

On the occasion of the 2024 Paris Fashion Week®, PEUGEOT is also continuing its collaboration with Emeric Tchatchoua, a highly talented French designer, founder of the fashion brand 3.PARADIS. A collaboration that began in 2023, with Emeric Tchatchoua designing a unique garment inspired by the PEUGEOT INCEPTION CONCEPT, a high-tech piece playing on an optical illusion thanks to a 3D lenticular print that changes colours depending on the viewing angle.

Emeric Tchatchoua is participating in his first Paris Fashion Week® this year, and PEUGEOT is accompanying him on the inspiring journey that allows him to realise his dreams. During Paris Fashion Week®, PEUGEOT will provide two specially-decorated PEUGEOT 408s in the colours of 3.PARADIS.

PEUGEOT identifies with the values of 3.PARADIS, which mixes the excellence of craftsmanship, the power of messages, the uniqueness of styles and the richness of cultures to create a luxurious, dreamlike, and inspiring fashion.  .  This optimistic vision of fashion naturally matches Peugeot's optimistic vision of the future of electric mobility and the Brand's commitment to the mix of cultures. 3.PARADIS uses the art of mixing different styles as a metaphor celebrating our diversity and promoting a collective life of abundance, while promoting values of liberation, universalism, and hope throughout the world.