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settembre 04, 2023 - Citroen

New limited edition Citroën C5 X Hypnos – An invitation to elegant yet ultimate comfort travel

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  • A top-of-the-range version of the grand tourer based on the Max trim level, #c5xhypnos embodies Citroën at its best: a bold concept, distinctive styling and an invitation to travel in absolute comfort.


  • C5 X Hypnos comes in a new, elegant body colour, Eclipse Blue, and introduces a new, light interior ambience which, combined with warm materials and top-of-the-range equipment such as the glass sunroof and hi-fi system, creates a truly calm and serene cabin.


  • Available with the 225 ë-EAT8 Plug-in Hybrid engine, orders for this #limitededition are already open, with deliveries scheduled for early 2024.



Poissy, 4th September 2023 – Citroën unveils the #limitededition #c5xhypnos, a richly equipped version showcasing the very best of C5 X in terms of style and onboard well-being. Hypnos, a name full of meaning for this version with a day-and-night contrast between inside and outside, offering even more relaxation for its occupants. #c5xhypnos is a top-of-the-range version based on the Max trim level, in which every detail has been carefully designed to promote style, calm and serenity.


On the outside, #c5xhypnos introduces a new, highly elegant Eclipse blue colour, enhanced by a few Infrared red graphic elements, while the interior features a new light and airy ambience, with distinctive colours and materials to create a serene and soothing atmosphere in the cabin. A sense of comfort enhanced by features such as a glass sunroof, hi-fi system, heated, massaging and ventilated front seats with electric lumbar adjustment and special floor mats. All of these elements contribute to a unique sense of well-being on board C5 X, particularly thanks to the active suspension and Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats, as well as the high-level acoustic performance, with acoustic front and rear door windows.


C5 X Hypnos is a grand tourer that invites you to travel with elegance and absolute comfort. It is the perfect embodiment of Citroën’s philosophy in this segment: a bold concept, distinctive styling and the impression of arriving at the end of each journey more rested than when you set off. Available with the Plug-in 225 ë-EAT8 hybrid powertrain, #c5xhypnos represents optimal expertise in terms of versatility and the benefits of driving electric on a daily basis.




The name of this #limitededition refers to the Greek god Hypnos, god of sleep. A benchmark that is matched by the vehicle’s impressive onboard comfort, providing total peace of mind. Driving a #c5xhypnos is a real invitation to relax and unwind, while remaining fully aware of your surroundings. Each journey on board becomes a moment of serenity that restores energy and leaves you feeling more rested on arrival than when you left.


With this name, Citroën is also emphasising the contrast between the interior and exterior, reinforcing the idea of chiaroscuro. The exterior is a deep midnight blue, while the interior is bright and clear. #c5xhypnos exalts you, offering a soothing and serene form of travel.


Finally, Hypnos is also a meaningful name in Citroën’s history. At the 2008 Paris Motor Show, Citroën unveiled a hybrid concept car called Hypnos, a new top-of-the-range vehicle that was a pioneer in the development of hybrid vehicles.



C5 X Hypnos is presented in a new midnight blue livery that changes according to the light, looking very elegant in low light conditions while becoming very dynamic in brighter conditions.  This new Eclipse Blue body colour on C5 X adds status and character to the vehicle’s silhouette. This blue cloak is set off by Infrared red graphics. To assert its style and stand out from the crowd, this #limitededition has a long, gloss black decoration on each side of the wing and front door, animated by an Infrared slash down the side and containing the Hypnos signature at its centre. This decorative touch is like a bright signature giving the car a touch of dynamism. At the rear, the C5 X monogram is also lifted by the use of Infrared red on the 5.


For even more contrast and character, #c5xhypnos comes with 19” AeroX alloy wheels in a new colour specific to this series, a harmonious combination of Onyx black and a diamond effect, covered with a dark varnish.  This subtle variation ensures that the wheels of this #limitededition are full of character.


In addition to Eclipse Blue, the #c5xhypnos will also be available in Platinum Grey.



The interior is a veritable cocoon, with a light and airy ambience that is unprecedented on a C5 X, promoting calm and serenity. The use of light, warm materials is harmonious, reinforcing the sense of onboard well-being, a signature of Citroën models.


This new interior ambience is applied to the seats, which are upholstered in light-coloured perforated leather. Symbolising the attention paid to these seats, the perforations in the leather feature Citroën’s signature herringbone pattern. The armrests are upholstered in leather in the same colour, giving the seats a highly structured, horizontal appearance that enhances the perception of width and comfort. The upper part of the seats and the headrests are in grey Alcantara®, which is soft and warm to the touch. Set off by elegant topstitching, these seats are signed on the inside of the backrest with a red Infrared label bearing the name Hypnos.


This light harmony is also carried through to the central armrest, the sides of the centre console and the door panel inserts, which are all finished in this light colour, combined with a plastic-coated fabric that is pleasant to the touch. The insets also feature original topstitching in a herringbone pattern. The bright interior is also warmed by the use of Karuun® light wood-effect decorative touches on the door panels and dashboard. They also contribute to the horizontal feel and reinforce the impression of onboard spaciousness.


The centre console has a new look, in keeping with the light, airy ambience. In fact, the glossy black décor has been laser-engraved with striations in a new Xenon bronze colour for this series.


Finally, as a symbol of comfort and practicality, #c5xhypnos offers special floor mats, the contours of which are highlighted by a special material highlighting the #limitededition with branding featuring the name Hypnos in Xenon bronze. Distinction is everywhere on board #c5xhypnos.



C5 X embodies the best of Citroën’s expertise in well-being, harnessed to produce a grand tourer offering a completely stress-free journey. From the Citroën Advanced Comfort® seats, which offer both soft and dynamic seating comfort, to the generous passenger space, every effort is made to create a relaxing experience. As soon as it sets off, C5 X plunges its occupants into another dimension. C5 X Plug-in Hybrid 225 offers Advanced Comfort® active suspension as standard, offering an “ultra-comfort” setting while providing pleasure thanks to active and continuous control of the suspension, which filters out the stresses of the road. A soothing experience reinforced by sound insulation, giving the feeling of being entirely cocooned.


The cabin of the #c5xhypnos exudes a warm, elegant, spacious and comfortable atmosphere that immediately creates a feeling of tranquillity. This feeling is reinforced by the adoption of the glass sunroof, which opens up a view of the sky and provides a well of light. The #limitededition also includes heated, massaging and ventilated front seats with electric lumbar adjustment, for wraparound seats that take good care of their occupants. Finally, this cocoon is the ideal place to enjoy music thanks to the onboard hi-fi system.


C5 X Hypnos will be available from 4 September. The first customer deliveries will take place in early 2024.