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maggio 23, 2023 - Citroen

Even more character to experience the outdoors differently with the new limited edition of the "my ami buggy" series from citroën

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  • Citroën "My Ami Buggy II" is as intrepid and friendly as ever. It has no doors or roof and sports a Khaki body colour punctuated by acid yellow. An array of decorative elements gives it its unique adventurous character, such as its wheel arches, front and rear bumpers and distinctive golden wheel covers.


  • This new edition is fitted with several additional exclusive accessories, such as transparent door covers to protect its occupants from the elements and a removable zipper bag positioned in the centre of the steering wheel to store small everyday objects


  • The sale will take place on the Citroën Ami website – – on June 20th at 10 a.m. The record to beat: 2 minutes and 53 seconds. This is the time it took the fastest buyer to complete the entire purchase process in the first sale. The first customers will be delivered mid-September.

 Citroën presents a new version of the "My Ami Buggy", with 1,000 units produced, enhanced with new equipment and available in 9 countries. "My Ami Buggy" can only be ordered online from June 20th 2023 at 10:00 a.m.


Citroën "My Ami Buggy" asserts its adventurous look by retaining the Khaki tinted exterior colour and the black protective elements, such as reinforced bumpers, skid plates, headlamp bezels, wheel arches, rocker panels and its rear spoiler, all of which give it a muscular appearance.

 The "My Ami Buggy" personality also comes from the vitality and freshness provided by its bright yellow dots which feature on the exterior (embossing on the front panel and directional arrows on the wheel arches) and on the interior (storage bins, opening straps and bag hooks, stitching on the seats and carpets).


Citroën has gone one step further with the #design of this new version, both inside and out.

 Door covers to provide added protection from the exterior

This second limited series is underpinned by the same principle: no doors and no roof – that way, you can enjoy your leisure time and feel as close to nature as possible, together with a pleasant sense of freedom. Nevertheless, to be protected from any bad weather, protective components have been added and modified.

 New plastic covers with zips have been designed to protect the occupants from the outside. This is in addition to the roof protection to provide an almost closed passenger compartment in wind, cold or rain. For everyday use, when occupants want to take a breath of fresh air, simply roll the covers towards the rear near the seats and then fix them on the door pillars thanks to snaps. In the middle of summer, when they are not needed, they can be stored in a garage.

 A new roof closure system has been created to use it more easily. It is a black waterproof canopy that now has a zipper, so it is more practical and easier to handle. Fully integrated into the #design thanks to a roof cover that can be stretched considerably, this fabric gives the whole vehicle a coherent style. It is also less subject to air intakes when driving. It can be rolled up and attached to the rear of the vehicle with snap buttons.

 New door and roof frames and new gates to better integrate some equipment, as well as enhancing its style

The door and roof frames have been added to secure the clear tarpaulins and soft top so that they blend seamlessly with the bodywork for a neat finish. 

 At the front, the roof frame is extended to form a sun visor. It underlines the leisure aspect of "My Ami Buggy".

 The gate closure system is identical to the previous version one. Only the shape has evolved into a #design reminiscent of the door-bottom capsules of other Ami versions, highlighting the relationship that "My Ami Buggy" enjoys with the rest of the range.

 New instrument cluster

The instrument unit, still positioned on the steering column housing, features a new arched cap, giving it a retro feel.

 A smart complementary storage system derived from the original concept

This new edition of "My Ami Buggy" features an element of the acid yellow luggage line unveiled in December 2021 on the concept vehicle of the same name. A unique and ingenious decorative item, the mobile bag fits into the hollowed-out shape in the centre of the steering wheel. It is held in place by clip-on rucksack straps that wrap around the two arches. The additional zippered storage compartment can be used to store personal belongings and can be carried by the driver when they leave the cabin.

 An Ami speaker and new accessories top off the range of equipment in this new #limitededition "My Ami Buggy".

The "Ultimate Ears Boom" is a lightweight Bluetooth speaker that can easily be taken anywhere. Music lovers will appreciate the powerful and immersive 360° sound. Waterproof and sturdy, with a 15-hour battery life, it will provide musical accompaniment for your most memorable of moments. Inside "My Ami Buggy", it slips into a special housing on the dashboard, just next to the steering wheel. Furthermore, future "My Ami Buggy" customers will receive products related to the "My Ami Buggy" line.

 "My Ami Buggy" will go on sale on June 20th at a price of €10,490 including VAT.

 Since its launch in April 2020, Citroën Ami has been a surprise on the micro-mobility market thanks to its atypical #design. Ami is easy to handle because it is ultra-compact at 2.41 metres long. Electric, it can be recharged in 4 hours with a simple 220V socket, just like any other household appliance. Ami was created to be used by as many people as possible by drivers of all ages. It can be driven just as easily by a 14-year-old as by a 77-year-old. It is also affordable and has a very low total cost of ownership. Its online purchasing route, like many everyday consumer products, and its wider distribution via non-automotive networks, such as Fnac and Darty in France and Portugal, MediaMarkt in Spain, Belgium and Italy, all help to make customers' lives easier.

 For sale in eleven countries, Ami has already won over more than 35,507 customers in Europe since its commercial launch back in April 2020. The popularity of the little mobility object continues to grow. It was launched in Luxemburg in January. It will be then launched in Switzerland, Malta, Slovenia and in France's overseas departments (Reunion, Martinique and Guadeloupe) in the second quarter of 2023. It will soon be available to order in Denmark.

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