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New Citroën C4 and ë-C4 - 100% ëlectric: a successful launch in europe!

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  • Since being launched in Europe at the start of 2021, New #c4 and #ec4 achieved very good initial sales in the first half of 2021, with 30,855 cars registered.
  • Ë-C4 stands out among electric compact hatchbacks in Europe for taking third place in the segment after six months on the market.
  • In France, #c4 holds the number one spot for total sales to private customers in the first half of the year for C-segment hatchbacks.
  • Second place in Spain and third in Portugal for C-segment hatchbacks.

Launched at the start of 2021 in Europe, #c4 and #ec4 have established themselves in the highly competitive C-hatchback segment. #c4 and #ec4 are key players in this market and have already won over more than 30,000 customers in six months in Europe*.

*STATNET Europe 29 countries, YTD June 2021

“With New #c4, Citroën is making a strong comeback in the compact hatchback segment thanks to its bold style and well-known level of comfort. Also the only one in its segment to offer the freedom to choose the engine type, with a 100% electric option, it is gradually making its mark on electric vehicle sales in Europe, climbing on the podium of the electric compact hatchbacks.”  Arnaud Ribault 


New Citroën #c4 and #ec4 have very quickly established themselves on the French vehicle market:

  • With the top spot in the C-hatchback segment sold to private customers in the first half of 2021, #c4 confirmed its performance in July and August. #c4 is positioned ahead of the VW Golf, with a 19% share in the private customer segment.
  • In the C-hatchback segment across all channels, #c4 took third place for the first six months of the year, with a segment share of 13.3%. 


In Spain, its country of manufacture, #c4 takes second place in the compact hatchback segment, behind the Toyota Corolla, with a segment share of 9.5%.

In Portugal, Citroën’s new compact takes third position, with a segment share of almost 12%.

Elsewhere in Europe, #c4 stands out in Italy and Belgium in particular, where it is ranked sixth in its category. 


Ë-C4, the 100% electric version of #c4, also looks to have a promising future, already representing 15% of total #c4 registrations in Europe. In the Netherlands, registrations of ë-C4s account for 38% of total C4s, 27% in Germany and 20.5% in the UK. In France, #ec4 registrations account for 10.2% of total #c4 registrations – a figure that is growing each month.

After six months on the market, #ec4 ranks third in the compact electric hatchback segment in Europe, with a segment share of 8%, behind VW I.D3 and Nissan Leaf. Ë-C4 has achieved very good results in some countries: second in Spain, with 28.5% of registrations in the C-segment for electric hatchbacks, third in France with a 22% segment share and third in Italy with a 14.6% segment share. 


With bold styling, #c4 and #ec4 offer a new concept at the heart of the compact hatchback segment. With its elevated and assertive stance, the body shape combines the elegance and dynamism of a hatchback while adopting certain SUV standards for added strength and character. Its warm and high-tech interior instantly expresses well-being, comfort and modernity.

C4 and #ec4 also offer the advantage of a choice between three types of engine: electric 100kW (136hp) with a driving range of 350km to ensure significant freedom of movement, a latest generation Euro 6d petrol engine from 100hp to 155hp or diesel from 110hp to 130hp.

With #c4 and #ec4, Citroën keeps its promise of on-board well-being and comfort! Driving comfort ensured by Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® suspension and Advanced Comfort seats. On-board comfort reflected in generous spaciousness, clever storage and a wide range of technologies, including the head-up display.

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