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Citroën Unveils the New C3 Hatchback

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Launching in 2022, the new model will enable the brand to expand in India and consolidate its presence in South America

Thursday 16 September 2021, Paris, France: To meet market demands in both India and South America and to strengthen its international dimension, Citroën has unveiled the New C3 Hatchback at a live-streamed event held today in Paris, France.  Whilst staying faithful to the spirit of the brand, Citroën has carefully adapted, researched and developed its design and production process by working closely with local teams in India and South America, incorporating knowledge of both regions, to create a unique, bespoke vehicle, perfectly suited for each landscape and environment.

Exuding strength and character and measuring less than 4m in length, the New C3 is a versatile hatchback enabling Citroën to expand in India, a new market for Citroën, and to consolidate its presence in South America.

Vincent Cobée, Citroën CEO said:

“Ensuring Citroën’s future requires a greater international presence, by becoming stronger in all the markets in which we operate, including South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and China, and by opening up to others, including India, which will soon become the third-largest market in the world. We are rolling out an ambitious product plan in order to achieve this, which will see the launch of three internationally-oriented models in three years.

“New C3 is a vital part of this international ramp-up and the first stage of the growth strategy. This new hatchback, less than 4m long, is aimed at a major segment in India and South America. Modern, connected and tailored to local uses, it is perfectly placed to support Citroën’s growth.”

The New C3 is the first model from the “C Cubed'' programme launched in 2019 – a family of three vehicles that will be launched with an international focus by 2024.  Based on three key criteria: the creation of a competitive, market-leading offering, with a strong style, a Citroën experience designed for on-board comfort, and benefiting from a design tailored to the specific needs of its intended countries.

Vincent Cobée, Citroën CEO continued:

“C3 is our trade name for all of our B-segment hatchbacks around the world, which doesn’t mean it’s the same model everywhere. This New C3 differs from the European version as its design has been inspired by and for the countries in question, in order to offer a unique solution that fully conveys the Citroën identity.                                                                                                            

“Purchasing a car is a major investment for customers and our ambition as a mainstream brand is to offer a modern, prestigious model offering a high-level specification for the price, at the forefront of the market. In general terms, the challenge we set ourselves was to strike a balance to provide everything that customers need, while keeping the price range competitive. To achieve this, the local teams were fully involved in the definition, development and production of the model.”                                               

Further information in the press release to download

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