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Racing driver Sébastien Buemi lives electric mobility

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My life with a Nissan LEAF: From the starting line to school runs, this Formula E driver has woven electric driving into all elements of his life

As part of the ‘My Life with a Nissan LEAF’ series, Sébastien Buemi, successful Formula E driver and LEAF owner, shares how he has embraced EVs on and off the track to inspire others to switch to 100% electric vehicles.

Buemi’s passion for EVs perfectly mirrors Nissan’s strong commitment to electrification and achieving carbon neutrality. Being a Nissan Global Ambassador and current e.dams driver in the all-electric series Formula E, Buemi has made EVs an integral part of his professional and family life.

“I drive electric every day, not just when I’m competing, but also on school runs and running errands around my home town in Switzerland. My Nissan LEAF enables me to enjoy the thrill of EV, even when I’m not on the track,” says Buemi.

Ever since starting to compete in Formula E, he has been completely won over by the power and efficiency of electric vehicles. And, like his Formula E racing car, the advanced technology in Sébastien’s LEAF helps optimize on-road efficiency.

“Racing for Nissan e.dams in Formula E, I have been impressed by the exhilarating power delivery, acceleration and energy management that electric vehicles provide,” explains Buemi.

“The LEAF brings excitement to my daily driving! The instant rush of power from the innovative e-Pedal makes driving on the roads as fun as driving on the track and the LEAF’s battery efficiency, including its regenerative braking, makes the experience behind the wheel even more reassuring.”

Finding wonder in how far his LEAF can take him on one charge, Buemi joins a fleet of drivers surprised by the range of their EV. Nissan research in Europe shows that 70 per cent1 of EV drivers state that the range autonomy of their electric car was better than expected before purchase.

Buemi also feels charging his LEAF is an easy and stress-free experience thanks to the various methods and charging infrastructure that has increased year-on-year. “In the last 10 years, charging point infrastructure has improved enormously. Even in Switzerland where I live, it’s really easy to find a charging point, making it a seamless experience charging my LEAF,” Buemi adds.

With his involvement in the ‘My Life with a Nissan LEAF series, Buemi wants to reassure people about the capabilities of EVs and to show all the benefits.

Tommaso Volpe, Nissan Global Motorsports Director for Formula E, said: “For us, Formula E is about excitement, energy and the environment. It’s great to see Sébastien adopting these principles and showcasing how these can be integrated in every day driving with his Nissan LEAF.”

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