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This is how the CUPRA sales team is trained in the digital age

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Digitalisation, the key to training #cupra Masters, the experts who will convey the image of the brand in each dealership

CUPRA faces the challenge of training them through virtual reality, gamification and live sessions

More than 600 #cupra Masters from 35 countries participated in the brand’s first convention in a virtual auditorium with Cape Formentor as the setting

Martorell, 14/01/2021. To launch a new brand globally at the height of the pandemic. That was the challenge #cupra faced this year. The solution? An innovative commitment to digitalisation to train the more than 600 #cupra Masters, the brand experts at each dealership. Virtual reality made it possible to assemble them all, with their respective avatars, to convey the values and cornerstones of the brand.

  • What is a #cupra Master? “A #cupra Master is the pillar of our distribution strategy.” This is how #khaledsoussi, head of DND & Customer Experience at #cupra, sees it. Therefore, training these experts is crucial for the brand. How can this be done in times of COVID? “We are the brand with the ambition to create cars and experiences that make #people feel special. With our product offensive, we now have a big opportunity to start talking to a broader audience in another way. As a contemporary organization born in the 21st century, we are a native digital brand which aims to leverage the power of technology to generate emotions. Social interactions are today global and digital. There are no frontiers for the #cupra Tribe. Our pioneer attitude leads us to create digital spaces & contents where our Tribe can meet and experience the brand” according to #antoninolabate, Director of Strategy, Business Development and Operations at #cupra.
  • An immersive virtual reality experience. In keeping with this digital essence, the training of the Masters was carried out at the #cupra e-Garage, which recreates the rocky cape that the company’s first 100% branded model, the Formentor, is named after. Here, the #cupra Masters can explore the #cupra models and discover the collections and all types of brand content. It is a novel virtual platform where users can configure their avatar and interact with other #people by voice and via chat. “Our distribution strategy aims to offer an experience centred on a personal relationship with our customers, and in this virtual space the #cupra Masters will find all the necessary tools and training” according to Soussi.
  • From Mexico to Germany at Cape Formentor. The space also features an auditorium for live presentations and training sessions. At their first virtual convention, #cupra Masters from 35 different countries met here, even though they are hundreds of kilometres away, to train and thus become specialised salespeople. “More than a convention, it’s an immersive experience with real-time communication in which we discover a new way of meeting and sharing our experiences and knowledge” says Khaled Soussi.
  • A digital future... for everyone. This is just the beginning. The brand has more initiatives to fully digitalise the #cupra Masters path, such as an app where the entire #cupra tribe can interact with each other. “We all currently use digital platforms in our daily lives to learn about new topics and new things. When we ask our delegates to act differently, we must also act with them in a different way and give them the necessary tools to train and qualify them” concludes Soussi.

Furthermore, “the #cupra e-Garage at Cape Formentor is the starting point of our journey to create new digital experiences. The goal is to make this platform a meeting point for the #cupra tribe, so in the future it will be open to all our customers around the world” points out #antoninolabate.

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