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CES 2021 Agromeans combines proprietary LEDs with an EDGE AI to enhance energy efficiency with improving farm yield

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TAIPEI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- #Agromeans has recently developed proprietary lighting modules that solve the three main problems faced by indoor farmers – high cost of electricity, cost of labor, and faulty predictions. #Agromeans is showcasing its latest product at CES 2021 along with the 100 featured Taiwan startups selected by #taiwantecharena (TTA).

"Agromeans is at the pinnacle of horticulture lighting, and will continue lighting the path to better agriculture. By utilizing our proprietary LEDs, a farmer can save up to 50% of #energy compared to traditional lighting solutions. In addition, our embedded EDGE AI can help growers maximize their yields," said #Agromeans Co-Founder and CSO, Chris Wang.

Agromeans' R&D team hails from National Taiwan University with its core members having over a combined 40 years of research expertise. With specializations in LED engineering, agriculture, biotechnology, and computer science, #Agromeans provides the best lighting total solutions for you!

The trailblazer of applying high-science to agriculture

Through #Agromeans proprietary chipset, we have modified all our LED products to utilize our nano-strobing technology. By strobing at nano-second intervals, our LEDs are able to achieve the same performance, at a fraction of the #energy.

Agromeans R&D team utilizes their expertise learned during their PhD years to tune a full-spectrum wavelength for our LED lights. Not only does this play into our solar simulation, but with far-red and ultraviolet wavelengths, we can boost plant growth to unprecedented levels.

The company's Hyperion AI utilizes metrics measured from state-of-the-art depth and IR cameras. This data is then processed by our in-house developed AI EDGE. These metrics are then calculated into precision forecasts for plant growth.

Angromeans core technology is called S.A.V.E. SAVE stands for solar simulation, AI control, visual analysis, and efficient LEDs. Together, these core principles combine together to create the ultimate grow lighting solution.

Featuring a variety of applications under different scenarios

Agromeans has three main products; Helios Grow Light (Spider-Mount); Theia Optics & Hyperion AI; and the Apollo Grow Light.

Helios Grow Light (Spider-Mount) utilizes the patented "nano-strobing" technology, our Helios grow light is our flagship model. Helios utilizes our Solar Simulation, AI Control, Visual Analysis, and Efficiency (S.A.V.E.) principle, which means, not only is Helios the ultimate energy-efficient light, but is also compatible with a smart AI, and contains additional technologies to increase both yield and potency.

Together with the Helios lighting solution, The Theia Optics & Hyperion AI unlock the true potential of the Helios light. Not only does Theia & Hyperion monitor plant growth, but precise data such as harvest date and yield amounts can also be forecasted. Additional metrics are used to smart-adjust the Helios light to accommodate different growth stages of plants.

The Apollo Grow light is the standard grow light we offer for vertical farms. Utilizing state-of-the-art diodes, and our "nano-strobing" technology, we have drastically reduced the #energy consumption; redefining the standard for vertical farms. Not only is the Apollo extremely #energy efficient, but the low wattage and high-quality build ensure cool operating temperatures!

Agromeans Co-Founder and CSO is Chris Wang who is in charge of product development, earned his B.Sc in MIMG from UCLA.

CES 2021 TTA-VR Pavilion:

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For further information: #taiwantecharena, Ms. Daphne Lien, Cell phone: +886-983-084-791, Email:; Betty Hsu (TTA),

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