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Opening of new C3 orders: personality and comfort available from €14,800

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> Unveiled at the beginning of February, New Citroën #C3 is now available to order in France.

> New #C3 is cultivating its difference with its colourful personality and unrivalled comfort:

- Design:A new, more assertive front end, inspired by the latest concept cars, equipped with new LED headlamps. An increased potential for customisation to make the car fit your image with: 97 exterior combinations, 3 new roof stickers, 2 new wheel rims, 3 interior colour schemes including 2 new ones and new Airbump® design.

- Comfort: An enhanced on-board comfort experience with the new Advanced Comfort seats.12 driving assistance technologies and connected services in tune with the times, designed to make daily life easier.

> The Brand's best-seller with a modern, fresh and protective look, New #C3 is inspired by everyone's habits to provide the most appropriate response:

Private customers:

New Range: The upgrade in terms of style and equipment revolves around 5 versions: Live, Feel, Feel Pack (new) , Shine and Shine Pack (new). A new range that is more progressive and fit with customers’ expectations.

Special series: From the launch, it is adopting the transversal special edition C-Series, which is very attractive due to its style and dedicated equipment.

Professional customers:

Business: New #C3 also has a Feel Business and a Shine Business versions, perfectly calibrated for the fleet market.

Société:The 2-seater utility version available in Feel and Feel Nav versions

Business R: LCV that can be transformed in PC.

> With its efficient Euro 6, PureTech and BlueHDi combustion engines, combining high performance with low emissions, New #C3 is a versatile saloon at the heart of the market that will arrive in dealerships from May 2020.


Private customers:

  • A more coherent and clearer range gathered to make choice easier and meet customer expectations. This is noticeable in style and useful equipment.
  • 5 versions: Live, Feel, Shine, including two new ones: Feel Pack and Shine Pack.
    • From now on, the Live version from €14,800 is equipped with LED headlamps, 4 DAB HD Digital Wireless Audio System, shiny black mirror capsbody-colour door handles; this entry version already benefits from the following driver assistance technologies : Lane Departure Warning System, Speed Limit and Sign Recognition and Recommendation, Cruise Control with Driver Adjustable Speed Limiter.
    • Air conditioning, electric outside rear-view mirrors, LED daytime running lights, fender and rocker covers are available from the Feel version (like the previous C3).
    • The Feel Pack version contains diamond-cut 16’’ STEEL & DESIGN wheel rims, automatic air conditioning, 7’’ touchscreen and Mirror Screen, fog lamps, the DAB Citroën Connect Radio, folding mirrors, Airbump®.
    • The Shine version does not change except the diamond-cut 16’’ MATRIX wheel rims.
    • The Shine Pack version acquires the rear view camera, the diamond-cut 17’’ VECTOR wheel rims, the new Techwood ambience…

Professional customers:

The Business offers are almost identical and the “Société” and Business R versions are renewed.

  • The Business range are available on Feel Business (on Feel basis) and Shine Business (on Shine basis): 5 seats, dedicated to companies with specific useful equipment versus Feel version, such as Citroën Connect Nav (TomTom Traffic, speech recognition and Connect Nav services for 3 years - danger areas, traffic information, Driver Attention Alert, gas stations, car parks, weather forecast and local search), the Safety 2 Pack (with the Active Safety Brake, the Driver Attention Alert, Intelligent Beam Headlights; on PureTech engine), the Visibility Pack (automatic lighting, front window wiper...). The Shine Business version adds the following equipment versus Shine version: the reversing camera, the Citroën Connect Box including SOS and Assistance and the Satey 2 Pack.
  • The Feel and Feel Nav “Société” versions: LCV with 2 front seats allowing more rear loading space.
  • Business R version: Commercial Vehicle offering a Feel version identical to the Business range, with the particularity that the rear seat is stored (up to 60 months for reassembly after resale), and the PC / LCV conversion kit is fitted directly at the factory.


12 driving aids that are useful for everyday use:

  • NEW - FRONT PARKING SENSORS: 6 parking aid sensors at the front that are triggered as an audible warning; available on Shine et Shine Pack versions,
  •  KEYLESS ENTRY AND START: available on Shine & Shine Pack,
  • ACTIVE SAFETY BRAKE: available on Feel Pack, Shine et Shine Pack,
  • COFFEE BREAK ALERT: available from Live version,
  • DRIVER ATTENTION ALERT: available on Feel Pack, Shine et Shine Pack,
  • INTELLIGENT BEAM HEADLIGHT: available on Feel Pack, Shine et Shine Pack,
  • REVERSING CAMERA: available on Shine Pack,
  • HILL START ASSIST: available on Live,
  •  LANE DEPARTURE WARNING SYSTEM: available on Live,
  • BLIND SPOT MONITORING SYSTEM: available on Shine et Shine Pack,
  • CRUISE CONTROL – SPEED LIMTER : available on Live.

Connectivity technologies:

  • CONNECT ASSIST: emergency call and assistance at any time,
  • CONNECT NAV: 7" touch pad, voice recognition, Tom Tom Traffic, danger zone signage,
  • CONNECT PLAY: Mirror Screen technology compatible with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto allows a smartphone to be connected and its screen to be duplicated on that of the vehicle (driving functions),
  • ConnectedCAM Citroën®, a connected camera that allows you to capture images or videos and post them on social networks and automatically record them in the event of an impact,
  • Free2Move Park & Pass option (electronic toll tag, parking payment, jockey service).


Particularly agile thanks to its 10.7 m turning circle, New Citroën #C3 measures 3.99 m and offers optimum compactness in urban areas. Its range of latest-generation internal combustion engines enables #C3 to be affordable, at the heart of the market, and to cover the vast majority of needs. It offers high-performance, efficient and economical latest-generation engines certified according to the Euro 6 emissions standard:

  • 3-cylinder petrol PureTech 83 S&S manual and PureTech 110 S&S 6-speed manual
  • For greater flexibility and peace of mind at the wheel, New #C3 is also available with the EAT6 automatic gearbox (PureTech 110 S&S EAT6).
  • Diesel BlueHDi 100 S&S manual.


Right from its launch, New #C3 is adopting the transversal special edition called C-Series. This refers to the “C” in Citroën, the Comfort signature and the Character of the design of its models. This special edition, inaugurated by #C3 Aircross SUV and more recently C4 Cactus, asserts the personality of New #C3 both inside and outside. It stands out with its colourful Anodised Deep Red inserts around the headlights and Airbump®. Graphic elements that create an elegant contrast to the five body colours: Banquise White, Sand, Steel Grey, Platinium Grey or Perla Nera Black.

In addition to its specific roof decoration, the mirrors are highlighted with a specific embossed badge. Inside, the

Grey heather-effect seats with a red horizontal stripe, the Anodised Deep Red dashboard surround, front and rear over-mats and specific door sills enhance the colour scheme on board.

Based on the Feel Pack version, New Citroën #C3 C-Series is equipped with features designed to enhance driving

pleasure and comfort with Rear Park Assistthe Visibility Pack and the Safety Pack.

C3 C-Series is available in France at the following prices:

  • PureTech 83 S&S manual ---------------------------------------- from €17,750
  • PureTech 110 S&S 6-speed manual---------------------- from €19,400
  • Diesel BlueHDi 100 manual------------------------------------ from €20,550

New Citroën #C3 will be in points of sale in May. It is already available to order in France from €14 800.

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At the heart of the #automotive market, Citroën has been a popular brand in the noble sense of the word since 1919, with people and their lifestyles as its primary source of inspiration. This spirit is underlined by its “Inspired by You” signature and embodied by cars boasting unique styling and benchmark comfort. Citroën also stands out among mainstream carmakers by bringing its customers a singular experience, for example with Citroën Advisor and “La Maison Citroën”. In 2018, the Brand sold a million vehicles in more than 90 countries.

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A versatile city car, the third-generation Citroën #C3 has many advantages that have been able to win over 750,000 customers worldwide since its launch in late 2016. C3 is about a unique attitude, a different graphic signature, a unique shape on a market that is highly stereotyped.


This new very straight front end inspired by the CXPERIENCE concept car reinforces its personality. The new signature, reflecting the Citroën identity, changes here to accentuate the perception of the height of the bonnet. First of all, the chevrons and the chrome strip extend to the LED daytime running lights (depending on the version) and highlight the width of the car. Secondly, the new headlights with a high-tech look and equipped with LEDs on all versions  have also been redesigned. Furthermore, a touch of colour and freshness is provided by the inserts surrounding the fog lights on the lower part.


  • A high, horizontal front end that gives New #C3 a completely confident look for a compact size measuring 3.99m long.
  • Redesigned side Airbumps® (depending on version). A true graphic signature (3 embossed bubble panels at the bottom of the door with a coloured surround depending on the Colour Pack), they protect the bodywork while enhancing the style of the vehicle.
  • Large diameter wheels (640 mm depending on the version). New #C3 offers the largest wheels on the market.
  • Wing extenders and rocker panel (depending on the finish). The wide wheel arches highlight the wings. The feeling of protection is reinforced by the large self-coloured bumpers.
  • New rear quarter panel motifs (shape reminiscent of the design of the Airbump® bubble panels) underline the graphic consistency of the car and establish its profile.



More than ever in tune with the times and “Inspired by You", the potential for #C3 customisation increases from 36 to 97 combinations. Everyone can therefore choose a car that suits them.

New #C3 is reinforcing its position as the most customisable saloon in its segment thanks to its:

  • 7 body colours: including 2 bright new colours - Elixir Red and Spring Blue - in addition to the colours that are already known (Perla Nera Black, Steel Grey, Platinum Grey, Sand, Banquise White).
  • 4 Colour Packs: or coloured inserts including fog lamp and Airbump® trims The colour Anodised Emerald colour is added to the Black, White and Red.
  • 4 roof colours: including 1 new Emerald Blue colour (in addition to Opal White, Onyx Black, Aden Red). Roof colours in accordance with the colour of the wing mirrors and the quarter panel trim.
  • 3 roof trimswith the introduction of new graphic themes (Red, Techwood, Emerald) in the form of stickers on the roof capsule and the quarter panel trim.

New Citroën #C3 also has new 16"* and 17"*wheel rims (depending on version) that enhance its character in profile. Two-tone black 16'' HELLIX diamond wheels are available as an option, in addition to the 16'' MATRIX diamond wheels, or 17'' VECTOR diamond alloy wheels.


New C3’s interior has been upgraded and immerses occupants in a real cosy bubble, with its carefully designed dashboard and its Colours and Materials treatment matching the doors or seats for a coherent whole.

New #C3 is available in 2 new optional interior colour schemes.

  • Emerald colour schemea dynamic world colour scheme playing on the contrast between dark colours and Emerald coloured touches. A technical textile (3D mesh) adorns the upholstery and black TEP covers the dashboard panel. The dashboard surround and coloured fabric strips give an unprecedented and high-quality visual continuity.
  • Techwood colour scheme: upscale colour scheme provided by the combination of the elegant "light wood” look of the dashboard and the light-coloured trim on the upper part of the seats.


A true living space, able to accommodate up to 5 people, the interior of the New #C3 has changed for ever-greater on-board well-being and capitalises on its Citroën Advanced Comfort® strengths.


The new saloon is a benchmark in its segment in terms of suspension comfort and acoustic treatment. A synthesis offering a uniquely hushed atmosphere and a typical Citroën signature at the wheel which completely isolates from the world outside.


To bring comfort into a new dimension, New C3's wide and generous seats have been carefully crafted.

These generous (height-adjustable driver’s seat) provide enhanced comfort both visually and in terms of posture with padding with a graphic effect and lumbar support.

  • Surface-thickened welcoming foam under the fabric (the foam changes from 2 mm to 15 mm) for unrivalled softness.
  • Lumbar support at the heart of the seat at the best level for better driving comfort.

In addition, New #C3, listening to its customers, now has an armrest on the driver's side (NEW, available on optional colour schemes).


Its roominess makes #C3 a benchmark in its segment. The feeling of immediate space is enhanced by the clean lines of the dashboard, the design of the seats, and the particular care taken in the treatment of colours, volumes and materials. Rear-seat legroom is the best in class.

It has smart storage compartments. The clever central storage area that allows a maximum of space at the front of the vehicle is supplemented by a large glove compartment (6.25L).

Finally, #C3 has a generous boot capacity of 300 litres.