gennaio 10, 2020 - Citroen

The unique comfort of Citroën is showcased in 2020 with a new advertising saga

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  • Citroën launches in early 2020 a saga of 5 advertising films directed by #ericjudor.These episodes show with humour how hard is to leave the comfort of a Citroën.
  • For each #film, one of the Brand’s models is staged in a surprising situation where the occupants prefer to stay inside their vehicle to carry out an activity that would normally be done outside.
  • The models presented in these films are: #c3aircrosssuv, #c5aircrosssuv, #c3, #c4cactus and #berlingo.
  • The various episodes of this campaign, entitled “It isn’t easy to leave the comfort of a Citroën”, will be broadcast on television and on social media throughout the year to support the Brand activations.

In two years, the Brand has launched 6 new models which stand out due to their unique design and the incomparable comfort experience. Comfort is the cornerstone of the design of any new model due to the Citroën Advanced Comfort® program, which creates a true cocoon effect on-board (filtering of the road, comfort of the seats, smooth steering, acoustics, lighting, connectivity, clever storage, etc.). This modern and coherent range has enjoyed massive success, with Citroën being the general brand enjoying the strongest growth out of the 12 best-selling #automotive brands in Europe (YTD November 2019).

Comfort in a Citroën lies at the centre of a series of five episodes directed by #ericjudor. Three situations have been imagined and show how difficult it is for the occupants to pry themselves from the comfort of their Citroën to do things that are normally done outside of a vehicle. We have:

  • The real estate agent: a real estate agent who is sitting so comfortably in her #c5aircrosssuv or #c4cactus that she shows houses while remaining behind the wheel.
  • The car wash: a family manoeuvring the jets of a car wash through the windows of their #berlingo or #c3.
  • The camp fire: a group of surfers roasting marshmallows while staying in their #c3aircrosssuv.

This campaign will support the various Citroën activations throughout the year, which did not intimidate #ericjudor: “Advertisers have often been wary of venturing into this field [humour], as they fear that humour will overpower the brand itself, and that in the end the spectator will laugh more than feel compelled to make a purchase. I think just the opposite. The most striking ads of my youth were precisely those that were daring, funny and therefore memorable.”

As for the music, Citroën has opted for one of the most famous jazz classics in the world, the famous “Petite Fleur” to illustrate this saga musically. Composed by saxophonist Sidney Bechet, this famous title, covered by the greatest artists of the time such as Tino Rossi, Mouloudji, Petula Clark and Henri Salvador, is among the most identifiable popular jazz tunes.

Conveying a certain notion of relaxation, serenity and comfort, and re-orchestrated for the occasion with a reggae twist for the Camp fire #film and a cool jazz vibe for the Real Estate Agent and Car Wash films, the “Petite Fleur” melody elegantly accompanies this humour-tinged campaign.

This campaign will be broadcast starting on 4 January 2020 throughout Europe. It concludes a cycle of 5 Citroën advertisements produced by #ericjudor: “The 5 Citroën storylines immediately spoke to me, I liked the slight touch of silliness exhibited by these short stories (...). The comedy and the thin layer of absurdity are both there, and I am very proud of the finished product. What’s more, if I can help a small company starting out in the #automotive industry, that makes me happy”.