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Jeep® Gladiator Overland 2020

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Jeep #gladiator 2020 expands its product offer in the Mexican market
  • The Totally New Jeep® #gladiator 2020 - the most capable medium #pickup in history - expands its product offer in the Mexican market by introducing the Overland version just a few months after the arrival of the rich heritage of the hard and reliable pickups of the country. Jeep
  • Leading capacities in its segment of up to 720 kg of load capacity and 3,470 kg of towing capacity
  • Modern and authentic exterior design, instantly recognizable as #Jeep incorporating the iconic seven-bar grill, round front and square rear lights, folding windshield for off-road driving purists
  • The only authentically convertible #pickup on the market
  • Doors, hinges, hood, fenders, windshield frame and rear door, made of lightweight and high strength aluminum, help reduce weight and improve fuel economy
  • Jeep #gladiator 2020 incorporates the 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine with Stop-Start (ESS) system and 8-speed automatic transmission
  • Fourth generation of the Uconnect system that includes Apple CarPlay, Android #auto with 8.4-inch touch screen
  • More than 80 active and passive safety components
December 2, 2019, Mexico City - The Totally New Jeep® #gladiator 2020 - the most capable medium #pickup in history - expands its product offer in the Mexican market by introducing the Overland version just a few months after arriving in the country of rich heritage of the hard and reliable #Jeep pickups. Jeep #gladiator 2020 boasts an unparalleled combination of robust utility, authentic #Jeep design, free outdoor driving, smart functionality and versatility.
Jeep #gladiator 2020 offers unparalleled off-road capability with the best cargo and trailer volume in its class, excellent driving dynamics and safety for all passengers. The legendary #Jeep capability is achieved thanks to the Command-Trac and Rock-Trac #4x4 systems, the third generation of the Dana 44 axles, the Tru-Lok front and rear electronic lock differentials, the Trac-Lok limited slip differential, the electronically decoupling stabilizer bar exclusive in the segment and 33-inch off-road tires.
With this introduction in the #Jeep product portfolio, the Totally New #Jeep #gladiator 2020 will be available with 2 versions: Overland and Rubicon.
Exterior design
Jeep #gladiator 2020 boasts a robust and, at the same time, elegant design that is immediately recognizable thanks to the traditional #Jeep identity features.
The design team has maintained the legendary seven-bar grill of the Wrangler this time wider in order to increase air flow and help the engine, an important feature with the increase in towing capacity. The upper part of the distinctive grill is gently reclined to improve aerodynamics.
Jeep #gladiator 2020 integrates LED headlights and fog lights that provide a crisp white light and add to the modern image of the #gladiatorThe front turn signals are located on the front of the trapezoidal dashboards.
In the back, it incorporates the traditional square LED lights and gives way to a widened rear door opening to facilitate the loading of objects in the pan. The rear door, with electric lock, has cushioning and three opening positions.
In the design of the bat, special attention was paid to intelligent functional solutions and the rationalization of space. The lighting under the rails of the box, a covered external power supply (400W 115 volts and three-pin plug) and the strong integrated moorings are some examples. The spare tire holder is located under the case, behind the rear axle, and can accommodate tires up to 35 inches.
A protective coating of the pan with Bedliner, separators and a cover offer complementary options to transport the load and increase the life. Gladiator Rubicon incorporates sturdy rock bars.
The windshield exhibits a design with four locking hooks located at the top of the frame to facilitate and speed up the folding operation. A front crossbar connects the pillars A and stays fixed, even with the windshield down. This allows the rearview mirror to always remain in place.
Jeep #gladiator Overland and Rubicon will have the hardtop in three pieces to the color of the body or in black.
Interior design
The interior of the new #Jeep #gladiator 2020 combines exclusive style, versatility, comfort and intuitive use. High quality and precision craft materials proliferate throughout the cabin.
The center console inspired by the rich #Jeep heritage features a clean and sculpted design that complements that of the dashboard. The hand-coated instrument panel features soft touch surfaces with contrasting seams. Functional elements such as climate and volume controls, USB ports or the Stop-Start (ESS) system button are designed to be recognized quickly and can be effortlessly reached from the front positions. The circular grilles of the HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) are surrounded by a chrome edge that gives it a premium and robust appearance at the same time.
The center console is a monument to the functionality and versatility of #JeepIn contrast, metal accents give it an elegant look. The console houses the gear selector and transfer case and handbrake. The gear lever, the handles and the frame of the infotainment screen employ real screws, thus underlining the use of genuine manufacturing methods. The button-on boot with waterproof design comes standard.
The rear seats are new and exclusive to #gladiatorThey are made of high quality materials and give off an athletic image without sacrificing support and comfort. In addition, the second row of seats in the #gladiator cabin boasts the largest legroom in the segment and a unique lockable design that allows you to secure the objects under them. The rear seats can be folded, forming a flat surface that facilitates access to objects placed at the rear of the cabin and provides more space for large objects if necessary.
With the seats folded, the LED lights on the rear panels illuminate the storage space behind the seats. Two nets on the rear wall of the cabin provide additional space.
Other practical solutions for transporting objects in the #gladiator 2020 include sturdy mesh door pockets and several areas enabled to store mobile phones.
The rear seats can also be folded up in the “armchair” position revealing a container that serves to store different objects under the seats.
A screw container under the seats offers a safe place to store them when the roof, doors or windshield is folded. In the cover of this, the corresponding number of screws and the correct way to place them are indicated.
The instrument panel sports a 7-inch LED display with thin film transistor (TFT). The screen allows the driver to configure the information displayed in more than 100 different ways, including music, tire pressure control, low pressure alert and digital speed indicator. The buttons integrated in the steering wheel allow you to control the audio system, voice and speed functions without taking your hands off the steering wheel.
The Uconnect infotainment system is operated from the 8.4-inch touch screen, positioned in a prominent position of the center console. The fourth generation of this system receives improvements in the user interface, improving system performance with faster boot speed and better screen resolution. Just below the screen are functional elements such as climate controls, volume controls and USB ports.
Exclusive to #gladiator Rubicon, an offroad front camera allows you to visualize the obstacles on the ground. Placed in the central groove of the seven-bar grill characteristic of #Jeep, it can be controlled from the Off Road Pages of the Uconnect.
Two USB ports and one USB-C in the front and two others within reach of the passengers in the second row are connected to the “multimedia” center. A three-pin, 115-volt socket for plugging in electrical appliances is available as an option.
Audio system enhancements include a subwoofer and a wireless portable speaker located under the back seat. LED lights on the interior panels illuminate the storage space and the charging station for the wireless horn. A network on the left side of the rear wall of the cabin provides additional storage space in case the #gladiator is equipped with the subwoofer and wireless speaker.
The 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine delivers 285 horsepower and 260 foot-pounds of torque and features the standard Start Stop (ESS) system. It is designed to provide a wide range of torque, with a special emphasis on torque at low revolutions, crucial aspect in extreme off-road driving.
Known for its refinement, power, efficiency and versatility, FCA has manufactured more 8.6 million 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engines since its launch in 2010. This family of engines, awarded several times, is currently produced in three plants : Trenton Engine Complex in Michigan, Mack Avenue Engine in Detroit and Saltillo Sur in Mexico.
8-speed automatic transmission
The new #Jeep #gladiator 2020 offers, in all versions, an 8-speed automatic transmission that allows you to optimize your performance in off-road driving and deliver power in a smooth and efficient way at highway speeds.
The new 8-speed automatic transmission of the new #gladiator offers an effective driving experience and immediate response. Especially adapted to the requirements of #gladiator Rubicon, the eight-speed transmission provides an ascent ratio (crawl ratio) of 77.2: 1. 4x4 performance and towing capacity benefit from a 4.7: 1 first gear ratio along with a final 4.1: 1 transmission ratio.
The most capable #pickup in history
The new #gladiator 2020 provides Jeep's legendary off-road capability thanks to two advanced #4x4 systems. The Command-Trac #4x4 system, standard in #gladiator Overland, has a 2-speed transfer case with a final ratio of 2.72: 1 for the gearbox and with the third generation of Dana rigid front and rear axles with a ratio of 3.73 for the rear axle
In the #gladiator Rubicon, the Rock-Trac #4x4 system incorporates the third generation of high performance front and rear axles Dana 44, and a reducer (4LO) with a final ratio of 4: 1. As standard, the ratio of the front and rear axles is 4.10. Also standard are Tru-Lok electronic lock differentials.
Gladiator Rubicon offers improved articulation and total suspension travel with the help of an electronically decoupling stabilizer bar, an exclusive element in this segment.
Both the Command-Trac and Rock-Trac systems offer permanent torque management, allowing optimal grip in low traction conditions.
A Trac – Lok limited slip rear differential in #gladiator Overland provides extra torque and grip in low grip conditions or slippery terrain, such as driving on sand, rocks, snow or ice.
Each #gladiator vehicle displays a “Trail Rated” badge thanks to the legendary #Jeep #4x4 capability that is achieved with elements such as the following:
  • The Command-Trac #4x4 system with a final ratio of 2.72: 1, standard in the Overland version
  • The #4x4 Rock-Trac system with a gearbox with a final ratio of 4: 1 and electronic Tru-Lok differential lock, standard in the Rubicon versions Crankcase guard and front and rear tow hooks
  • In the Rubicon, high-strength all-terrain rear fender and an optional fender with winch support and removable covers
  • Attack angles of 43.6 degrees, ventral of 20.3 and exit of 26 and a ground clearance of 28.1 centimeters
  • Aggressive 17-inch off-road wheels; the Rubicon version has 33-inch series tires
  • Up to 30 inches (76.2 centimeters) of wading height
  • Up to 720 kg of load capacity and 3,470 kg of towing capacity
The 2020 #Jeep #gladiator uses multiple solutions to optimize handling, dynamism and sound characteristics, while encouraging fuel economy during towing and loading operations.
The #gladiator chassis uses advanced materials and engineering that help reduce weight without losing rigidity and stability. It features a lightweight and high-strength steel frame, which, compared to the 4-door Wrangler, is 78.7 centimeters longer. The wheelbase is also 49.2 centimeters greater, which, together with the positioning of the center of the box just behind the centerline of the rear axle, provides a better weight distribution, more comfortable paths and with more confidence when carrying loads in the box. Transmission, brake system ducts,
The traditional steel bat uses four crossbars to reinforce the cargo floor, while the aluminum rear door features cushioning and three opening positions. The box reflects the commitment to utility and versatility we saw in the cabin thanks to integrated moorings, interior lighting and the option of a covered external power supply.
In order to protect critical components - the fuel tank, the transfer case or the automatic transmission oil pan - the #gladiator employs four protective plates and bars. The Rubicon versions also benefit from the installation of side protection bars against rocks made of large caliber tubular steel to mitigate the possible damage caused to the bodywork when traveling on off-road tracks. This version also exhibits exclusive protective rails against rocks in the four corners of the box.
The use of heavy duty lightweight aluminum closures - including doors, hinges, hood, dashboards, windshield frame and rear door - helps reduce weight and stimulates fuel economy.
The shock absorbers have been adapted and show an optimal balance between driving on the road (with or without a load) and off-road efficiency. The ride comfort, body balance control, driving dynamics and loading and towing capabilities are significantly improved with the help of new damping adjustments, chassis hard points and suspension mountings .
Jeep #gladiator 2020 offers angles of attack of 43.6 degrees, ventral of 20.3 and exit of 26 and a ground clearance of 28.1 centimeters. The #gladiator also benefits from up to 30 inches (76.2 centimeters) of wading height and up to 720 kg of load capacity and 3,470 kg of towing capacity.
More than 80 advanced active and passive security options
Occupant safety and security have been key aspects when developing the new 2020 #Jeep #gladiator, which is reflected in the more than 80 active and passive safety components available. These include blind spot monitoring, reverse transverse path sensor (Rear Cross Path), front off-road camera, ParkView rear camera with dynamic grid lines, adaptive cruise control and electronic stability control (ESC) English) with electronic anti-roll mitigation.
Fourth generation of the Uconnect system
The new #Jeep #gladiator 2020 offers the Uconnect 8.4NAV system with communication, entertainment and navigation functions that satisfy the wishes of any driver or passenger, including a full-color LED instrument panel.
The Uconnect system includes easy-to-use functions, improved processing power, faster start times and touch screens with high-resolution graphics.
Apple Car Play
It allows a perfect coupling of an iPhone with the screen and integrated controls of the vehicle, in addition to allowing Siri Voice Control. Drivers with an iPhone can make phone calls, access music, send and receive messages, and receive voice-guided navigation, optimized according to traffic conditions while remaining concentrated on the road.

Android Auto
The system shares useful information while driving and allows easy access to the most advanced Google technology. Thus, it has the Google Maps application with free voice-guided navigation, real-time traffic information, lane abandonment indication system, On Demand access to 30 million songs with Google Play Music, as well as the ability to make calls from the vehicle, to send and receive messages, and to make all kinds of queries in the Google search engine without having to take your hands off the wheel. Android #auto also facilitates access to popular applications and content from the Uconnect system touch screen.
Jeep #gladiator Overland 2020$ 1,029,900
Jeep #gladiator Rubicon 2020$ 1,119,900

The new 2020 #Jeep #gladiator is manufactured in Toledo, Ohio, where #Jeep vehicles have left the production line since 1941. Specifically, in the South Plant of the Toledo Assembly Complex, the place where the Wrangler JK was manufactured until April 2018.