dicembre 03, 2019 - Bosch

Convenient and easy measuring of surface temperatures: UniversalTemp from Bosch for DIY enthusiasts

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Small, light and handy for many different applications

  • Versatile: Large application range from -30 to +500 degrees Celsius
  • Reliable: Three measurement modes for different material groups
  • Intuitive: Easy-to-operate tool with display for fast measurement

Always having an eye on the temperature: The Bosch UniversalTemp now helps users to measure surface temperatures quickly, easily and conveniently. The tool determines temperatures between -30 and +500 degrees Celsius via infrared measurement, making it one of the tools with the widest measuring range on the market. As such, the application possibilities are large: The UniversalTemp masters classical tasks such as checking heaters for consistent heat output or detecting energy losses caused by insufficient insulation just as easily as testing whether the pizza stone in the oven is at the right temperature for perfectly baked pizza. The UniversalTemp helps to save energy and is quickly ready for use. It stands out from equivalent competitor models thanks to three measurement modes, each assigned to a certain group of materials. These modes take into account the emissivity ‒ the heat emission ‒ of the relevant surface during the infrared measurement. Therefore, the surface temperatures of different materials such as concrete, granite, laminate, sand, cork, porcelain or glass can be determined more precisely. The supplied material overview helps users to select the correct mode. No matter what type of surface is checked: The UniversalTemp is small, light and always fits comfortably into your hand thanks to the narrow pistol grip with softgrip.

Easy operation, fast results

The measurement results are shown in white on the illuminated display with black background, making them very easy to read. The display shows both the current and previously measured value. In addition, users can see whether a measurement is in progress, check the battery’s charge status and see which mode is active.

To carry out a measurement, users select the required mode simply at the push of a button, hold the tool perpendicular to the surface and trigger the measurement via the convenient activation switch. While the switch is pressed, the tool continuously measures the temperature of the surface currently hit by the infrared beam and displays the value continually. This makes it possible to determine minimum and maximum values within a surface, for example to detect thermal bridges or check heaters for consistent heat output. 

The UniversalTemp is available at retail outlets. Prices are recommended retail prices including VAT.