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Toyota Rolls Out Completely Redesigned Corolla, Corolla Touring, and Unveils Improvements to the Corolla Sport in Japan

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Sporty design and driving pleasure built on #Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform.

  • Special body well-suited to driving in Japan, achieved through TNGA-based platform,*1 in pursuit of sporty design, a more pleasurable driving experience, and responsive handling
  • Equipped with Toyota's first Display Audio (DA) in Japan. Reliable and convenient everyday driving through the expansion of connected services including connectivity with smartphones
  • The latest #Toyota Safety Sense, which detects bicycles and pedestrians at night, comes as standard in all #corolla models

Toyota City, Japan, September 17, 2019―Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) announces the launch of its completely redesigned #corolla (Sedan) and #corolla Touring (Wagon) in Japan (previously "Corolla Axio" and "Corolla Fielder" respectively, in Japan), and the improved #corolla Sport (Hatchback), and the start of sales at #Toyota Mobility Tokyo Inc., Netz #Toyota Toto Co., Ltd, Netz #Toyota Tama Co., Ltd., and #Toyota dealers across Japan.

Since its debut in 1966, #corolla has become a car loved by customers all over the world, and has been cultivated as a long-term strong seller, with a track record of over 47.5 million vehicle sales*2 in more than 150 countries and regions.

The introduction of the #corolla Sport as a new model in the #corolla series in June last year, and the adoption of the TNGA platform, has greatly revitalized the design and driving. The #corolla Sedan version and #corolla Touring Wagon version are new introductions to the #corolla series, allowing a varied choice of vehicles to suit customers' lifestyles.

Utilizing the TNGA platform and design with Japan roads in mind results in sporty styling with a low center of gravity, enjoyable driving, and responsive handling. The new models are equipped with the latest #Toyota Safety Sense, delivering enhanced safety performance. On-board connected services have also been upgraded to include Toyota's first Display Audio as standard, installed in conjunction with smartphones.

"The #corolla is a car that is always ready to evolve to meet customers' current needs," says Yasushi Ueda, chief engineer in charge of development. "For this reason, it has been a long-term favorite of customers in Japan and all over the world. The new #corolla exceeds customer expectations by 'adopting the TNGA platform, sporty design, and pleasurable driving.' With the advanced safety equipment and connected functions, the safe and secure everyday driving of our customers is supported. I would like you to experience riding in or driving the #corolla series just to understand the sheer fun of driving this car."

In reassessing the grades and some equipment of the conventional #corolla Axio and #corolla Fielder,*3 while continuing to sell them, has meant a wide range of customer needs, including those of #corporate customers, can be met.

*1Toyota New Global Architecture. Toyota's company-wide global program to structurally transform automobile design. The goal of TNGA is to dramatically improve the basic performance and marketability of #Toyota vehicles by redeveloping powertrain units and vehicle platforms and reconceiving overall vehicle optimization

*2As of the end of July 2019 according to #Toyota Motor Corporation.

*3The #corolla Axio and #corolla Fielder grades are EX and Hybrid EX respectively.

Sales Outline
  1. Sales outletsToyota #corolla dealers across Japan, Toyota Mobility Tokyo Inc., Netz #Toyota Toto Co., Ltd., and Netz #Toyota Tama Co., Ltd.
  2. Monthly sales target for Japan1,700 units (Corolla), 5,400 units (Corolla Touring), 2,300 units (Corolla Sport)
  3. Unveiling event at dealersSaturday, September 21 and Monday, September 23 (a national holiday)
Production Plants

Takaoka Plant, Toyota Motor Corporation (Corolla and #corolla Touring)

Tsutsumi Plant, Toyota Motor Corporation (Corolla Sport)

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (Corolla)*4
(Japanese yen)2ZR-FAE
(1.8 liter)Super CVT-i
[with 7-speed sport
sequential shiftmatic]Front-wheel drive1,936,0002,139,5002,315,5008NR-FTS
(1.2 liter turbo)6-speed manual [i-MT]2,409,000THS II with reduction gear
(2ZR-FXE 1.8 liter)Front-wheel drive2,403,500Four-wheel-drive (E-Four)2,601,500Front-wheel drive2,574,000Four-wheel drive (E-Four)2,772,000Front-wheel drive2,750,000Four-wheel drive (E-Four)2,948,000
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (Corolla Touring)*4
(Japanese yen)2ZR-FAE
(1.8 liter)Super CVT-i
[with 7-speed sport
sequential shiftmatic]Front-wheel drive2,013,0002,216,5002,365,0008NR-FTS
(1.2 liter turbo)6-speed manual [i-MT]2,458,500THS II with reduction gear
(2ZR-FXE 1.8 liter)Front-wheel drive2,480,500Four-wheel-drive (E-Four)2,678,500Front-wheel drive2,651,000Four-wheel-drive (E-Four)2,849,000Front-wheel drive2,799,500Four-wheel-drive (E-Four)2,997,500
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (Corolla Sport)*4
(Japanese yen)8NR-FTS
(1.2 liter turbo)6-speed manual
[i-MT]Front-wheel drive2,169,200Super CVT-i
[with 10-speed sport sequential shiftmatic]2,202,200Four-wheel-drive2,400,2006-speed manual
[i-MT]Front-wheel drive2,339,700Super CVT-i
[with 10-speed sport sequential shiftmatic]2,384,800Four-wheel-drive2,582,8006-speed manual
[i-MT]Front-wheel drive2,504,700Super CVT-i
[with 10-speed sport sequential shiftmatic]2,549,800Four-wheel-drive2,747,800THS II with reduction gear (2ZR-FXE 1.8 liter)Front-wheel drive2,488,2002,659,8002,824,800
Corolla, #corolla Touring Vehicle Outline
  1. Simple and sporty style with enhanced visibility
  • Exterior Design
  • The TNGA platform creates a striking silhouette with a low center of gravity.
  • Wide stance with dynamic molding featuring protruding front and rear wheel flares.
  • The lower grille frame seamlessly blends into a large trapezoid and mesh grille to express a powerful and sporty stance.
  • LED headlamps integrated in a slight upwardly curve further enhance the sporty, wide face. The WxB grade lends a bright and vibrant impression to the horizontal direction regardless of day and night with two consecutive J-shaped clearance lamps and day lights. The rear of the #corolla has horizontally accented rear combination lights that emphasize wideness.
  • The #corolla Touring's side view expresses sportiness with a flowing side window design that runs smoothly from the door shoulders to the rear.
  • The #corolla Touring realizes three-dimensional modeling by adopting resin rear doors.
  • Exterior Color
  • The WxB grade comes in a new Sparkling Black Pearl Crystal Shine. All three sporty colors are chic and carefully coordinated with gray metallic wheels and mirror covers. S and G-X grades consist of seven colors including the newly developed Celestite Gray Metallic.
  • Interior Design
  • The instrument panel is thin and wide to create a feeling of spaciousness. Meticulously color coordinated interior design produces a space that resonates sensitivity and a unified feeling of shape and texture, while the A-pillar enhances visibility.
  • Improved front seating comfort is achieved with a sporty seat (standard for WxB), and newly adopted knee space for the rear seats for ease of use.
    The #corolla Touring is equipped with an adjustable deck board, and the height of the cargo floor can be set at two heights. A flat space convenient for loading long luggage is created by setting the height in the upper position with rear seats folded down, and tall luggage can be loaded by placing it in the lower seat. (Vehicles equipped with spare tires, optional power outlet, and 4WD have a deck board that can be set at one height only.) The back of the deck board is made of resin for heavy-duty use, thus enhancing the vehicle's practicality as a wagon.
  • The interior color for the WxB grade, of the #corolla and #corolla Touring, is available in two colors: Black and White. S, G-X grades come in a chic black interior only.

  1. Pursuing a high-quality ride and pleasure of driving
  • With further refinements to the TNGA platform, the vehicle features improved chassis rigidity, handling stability, and quietness.
  • Enhancing the fun of driving with three powertrains
  • The hybrid and gasoline engines have been changed from 1.5 liter to 1.8 liter to achieve seamless acceleration with superior comfort.
  • The hybrid vehicle is equipped with an E-Four (electronic four-wheel drive system), enabling smooth switching to 4WD on slippery surfaces such as when accelerating and on snowy roads, contributing to driving stability and fuel efficiency.
  • The manual vehicle is equipped with a 1.2-liter 8NR-FTS (direct injection turbo) engine to achieve both exceptional driving performance and excellent environmental performance.
Powertrain Line-upwith reduction gear(2ZR-FXE 1.8-liter engine)Electric continuously variable transmissionFront-wheel drive○○○[E-Four]○○―turbo engine)Super CVT-i
[with 10-speed sport sequential shiftmatic]Front-wheel drive――○――○○○○valvematicengine)Super CVT-i
[with 7-speed sport sequential shiftmatic]Front-wheel drive○○―

  • Pursuing the vehicle's original pleasure of driving that makes you want to ride forever
  • In addition to adopting the TNGA platform, the driver's eye movement, turning posture, line traceability, and other movements r are analyzed and the suspension is optimized to further pursue ease of driving.
  • The suspension uses a MacPherson Strut suspension on the front, contributing to a sense of security and stability when turning. The rear adopts a double wishbone suspension to achieve a stable drive that grabs the road surface.
  • ACA (Active Cornering Assist) reduces understeering by providing brake force to the inner drive wheel when the accelerator pedal is depressed.
  1. In accordance with the driving environment in Japan, a dedicated design with improved handling
  • A design concept unified with global models, and special body developed exclusively for Japan to realize ease of use for customers and various road environments.
  • Dynamic design with reduced overall length, width, and wheelbase compared to global models.
  • Optimal positioning of door mirrors to achieve a vehicle width with mirrors retracted equivalent to the conventional models.
  • Corolla's minimum turning radius is 5.0 meters, the same as conventional models (G-X grade 15-inch tire-equipped vehicles, 5.3 meters when equipped with 16-17-inch tires).
  • The same door opening width as conventional models is achieved through the design of the opening angle of the door.
Size Comparison Table
  1. Enhanced safety functions and safety equipment
  • Complete preventive safety equipment
  • The latest #Toyota Safety Sense, which detects bicycles and pedestrians at night, comes as standard in all #corolla models.
  • Intelligent Clearance Sonar [parking support brake (stationary object)] detects walls and other vehicles during low-speed driving in parking lots and other similar environments, helping to reduce collision damage (standard for WxB and S; optional for G-X).
  • Rear Cross Traffic #auto Brake [parking support brake (rear approaching vehicle)] detects vehicles approaching from behind and contribute to reduce or mitigate damage from collisions (All optional; Rear Cross Traffic Alert + Blind Spot Monitor only for MT vehicles) (Optional).
  • Seven SRS airbags, omni-directional compatibility structure, for emergency collision safety.
  1. Safety and convenience through connectivity
  • A Toyota-brand first in Japan, Display Audio (DA) is standard on all models. Through DA, customers can connect with smartphones and operate map applications and music via the touch screen display. Customers can also use the conventional on-board navigation function, with a selection of two entry navigation kits and T-Connect navigation kits.
  • Connection with smartphones
  • Through SmartDeviceLinkTM*6 (SDL), smartphones can connect with Bluetooth®*7 with a USB cable for use of navigation applications including TC smartphone navigation and LINE car navigation, as well as music and radio applications on DA. Voice recognition enables destination-setting, sending and receiving LINE messages, music playback, and other functions, improving convenience.
  • Apple CarPlay*8 and Android AutoTM*9 can use maps, phone calls, messaging, and music applications through DA by connecting smartphones with a USB cable (Option includes TV; T-Connect contract required at contract).
  • On-board DCM (Data Communication Module) is standard in all models. Safe and convenient, it is free of charge for five years. (From the sixth year onward, the fee is 3,300 yen/year excluding tax or 300 yen/month excluding tax.)
  • The range of T-Connect service functions has been expanded from the #corolla Sport launched in 2018, including remote functions that allow door locks to be operated remotely and hybrid navigation systems.Connected Services OutlineEquipment(○: Standard △: Optional ×: Incompatible)#corolla Series (including #corolla Sport improvements)DADA + Entry Navigation KitDA + T-Connect Navigation KitNavigationBuilt-in
    Car Navigation×○○
    (Hybrid Navigation*10)SDL○
    (SDL Compatible Navigation App)CarPlay / Android Auto*11
    (Smartphone Standard Map App)TV△*11Radio○T-Connect service(○: Standard △: Optional ×: Incompatible)#corolla Series (including #corolla Sport improvements)DADA + Entry Navigation KitDA + T-Connect Navigation KitFeeFree of charge for five years (From the sixth year onward, the fee is 3,300 yen/year excluding tax or 300 yen/month.)Service Contents○
    HELPNET (connected to the airbag, D-Call Net support)○
    e-Care (Driving Guidance, Health Check Report)○
    My Car Search (notification of careless errors, remote check, remote operation (locking doors, turning off hazard lights), car finder (hazard lights))
    (2,200 yen/year excluding tax or 200 yen/month)My Car Search Plus (alarm notification*12vehicle position tracking, security guard dispatch,engine start notification, remote immobilizer)×○Hybrid Navigation*13Agent (voice recognition), Map on Demand,Car Finder (parking position confirmation), etc.×△*14
    (3,300 yen/year excluding tax or 300 yen/month)Operator Service (destination setting on navigation system, traffic/parking information,weather forecast/news distribution, etc.)×△*14
    (5,500 yen/year excluding tax or 500 yen/month)Operator Service Plus (includes access to hotel/restaurant information, as well as ability to make reservations)

    Corolla Sports Partial Improvements

    • Emotional Red II is the new outer panel color. The G "Z" and G grades are two-toned with a black roof, with a total of three color options to make the sporty hatchback standout.
    • The same sporty and chic black used in the interior is applied to the genuine leather seats (option for G "Z").
    • Like the new #corolla and #corolla Touring, the #corolla Sport analyzes human movement including eye movement when driving, turning posture, and line traceability, and optimizes suspension to improve driving.