aprile 09, 2018 - Toyota

LEXUS LC500 Starts the Season with a Podium Finish - SUPER GT Round.1 OKAYAMA GT 300km RACE

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GT500 class
  • KeePer TOM'S #LC500 No.1 co-piloted by last year's champions Ryo HIRAKAWA/Nick CASSIDY finished third place at the Autobacs Super GT 2018 series at Okayama International Circuit.
  • WAKO'S 4CR #LC500 No.6 with a new driver lineup Kazuya OSHIMA/Felix ROSENQVIST scored fourth place.
GT300 class
Ryo HIRAKAWA (KeePer TOM'S #LC500 No.1) 
It was a tough race. It was going well right until the car was damaged when Nick got contact with car No.17. The cowl was damaged and the center of the steering was deviated, so the car could not run straight. At first, I was passed by car No.6 but after I got used to driving under this circumstance, I was able to overtake No.6. It is a little disappointing knowing that I was getting closer to the car in front, but considering yesterday's condition, third place is a good result and a good start of the season. 

Nick CASSIDY (KeePer TOM'S #LC500 No.1) 
We had a good race car. I went from P9 to P1. But I could not avoid the contact with car No.17 when I passed it and the car got damaged. I think we lost some time during the pit stop, which resulted in bringing the position down. P3 is pretty perfect coming from P9, and considering the points, it was a really good result. But when I was behind the Honda cars, they were so fast on the straight. Fuji has a long straight, so I think it will be a tough race, too.