novembre 15, 2017 - Nike

Jordan brand unveils “Like Mike” collection in partnership with Gatorade

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Debuting in August 1991, one iconic campaign with #gatorade inspired millions with a cheerful yet simple challenge: “Be #likemike.” The film tapped into the personal aspirations of every viewer and inspired them to pursue their own greatness through his unrivaled on-court drive, fueled by #gatorade.

While most advertisements come and go, the spirit of the “Be Like Mike” campaign continued to grow. Over time, trying to “move like him and groove like him” has evolved into much more than just hoop dreams -- it’s become a rally to pursue greatness in every form.

Now, 26 years later, #gatorade and #jordan Brand come together to celebrate what “Be Like Mike” has come to represent today. What was originally meant as a challenge to be like the greatest of all time now means being your greatest at all times.

The “Like Mike” apparel collection is available now at select retailers. The Air #jordan VI and XXXII low release December 16.

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