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MMO Crowfall Rolls Out Race/Class Options at End of First Campaign Test

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Players can now choose from thousands of character building options, launched after
successful conclusion of Campaign World testing

AUSTIN, Texas, 14th of November, 2017 - #artcraft Entertainment today announced the successful launch of Race/Class selection to the Crowfall test server. This comes on the heels of a successful Campaign test phase which offered players the ability to explore and conquer virtual Campaign Worlds on a 24/7 basis.

You can get all the info on Campaign Worlds in this official blog post, and read about the Race/Class offering in this follow-up post.

“Launching our first Campaign test was a major milestone for Crowfall. With major features like castle building, fog of wag, capture mechanics and sieging, Campaigns go a long way to helping us achieve the promise of Crowfall,” explained Gordon Walton, #artcraft president and executive producer.

The recent introduction of the Campaign Worlds in the 24/7 testing environment is truly unique: unlike traditional MMO servers, the maps, rules, histories and victory conditions for each Campaign World are one-off and unlike any previous (or future) worlds in the game. Players can even try to conquer these worlds, a feat only possible for the most determined faction or guild. But they have to do it fast: the lifespan of Campaign Worlds are finite.

Crowfall appeals to a range of different players: builders, explorers and conquerors,” said Lars Janssen, CEO of Travian Games, Crowfall’s European publisher. “The Eternal Kingdoms, which launched earlier this year, gave the builders a place to craft masterwork items and establish player-run castles, cities and markets. The new Campaigns Worlds offer a unique map for explorers to discover and warlords to conquer.”

“Now that Campaigns are live, we can start testing the new Race, Class and Discipline systems. Players can now experience an unprecedented level of character building,” explained J. Todd Coleman, Crowfall’s creative director. “Dozens of unique race/class combinations and hundreds of weapon styles and subclasses allows for millions of unique character combinations. It will be possible for players to design a character build that has never been tried before.“

This new update is now available on the Test Server for Pre-Alpha 1, 2 and Alpha 1 testers, also includes a host of other new features and improvements such as a revised character creation and skill training system, significant visual upgrades and improved monster AI.  

Crowfall is being developed by a highly experienced team of MMO veterans who played key roles on groundbreaking MMOs such as Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Wizard101 and Shadowbane. Additional details can be found in the factsheet here. New assets are also available in ICO's press room here.

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