novembre 07, 2017

GAN - Japan, like petals raining on the ground

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An ethereal creation, light and elegant like petals falling from a blooming cherry tree, in the Land of the Rising Sun. #japan, the new rug from the #gan #design team, captures the delicacy of Japanese spring with a #design that evokes the parks of Kyoto at the beginning of April.

Made by hand on a vertical loom, #japan is created using the age-old hand knotted technique. The wool is knotted in groupings of varying sizes against a neutral background, like petals lightly sprinkled on the ground. The irregular scattering gives an overall impression of depth and elegance. The backdrop insinuates a clear blue sky, dotted with embossed knots in coral.

With serene beauty and soft complexion, #japan lends harmony and a natural touch to any room.

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