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Hundreds of Indian owners gather for the IMRG meeting during the Motors n’ Blues festival

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Last weekend, #indianmotorcycle owners living in France rode down to #dax in France, for the #indianmotorcycle Riders Group (IMRG) annual meeting.

Nearly 250 riders attended for the three days with around 100 of those passionate and enthusiastic Indian owners.

IMRG members met in the #dax Arena for a group photo before riding together on some beautiful routes near the ocean and mountains in the area.

Throughout the weekend the IRMG listened and partied to the music put on by the organisers of the #motorsnbluesfestival.

As well as the riding, partying, music and food, members could also test ride the full line-up of Indian bikes.

Prizes were awarded to those who rode the furthest to attend. Members came all the way from Trieux (next to the Belgian border), Pierrefigues (Normandy), Strasbourg and Paris... riding more than 1,000km (625 miles) on their Indian. 

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