aprile 19, 2017 - Fila

FILA Korea Reveals a "FILA Heritage Pictorial" with Korean Superstar Kim Yoo Jung

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(FILA Korea) - #fila Korea has revealed a #fila Heritage pictorial with Korea’s famous female entertainer, #kimyoojung, as featured in local entertainment magazine “1st Look.” The actress beautifully showcased a range of #fila products and this shoot received a great response from viewers as soon as it was uploaded onto the portal site.
Kim Yoo Jung is featured in the pictorial dressed in FILA's big logo t-shirts, which have recently emerged as the hottest item, as well as the #fila X #pepsi collaboration products. #kimyoojung attracts attention by adding a level of sophistication to her youthful image, with her deep gaze and facial expressions.
Meanwhile, the #fila big logo items highlighted through this pictorial are representative of the #fila Heritage line. Based on the brand’s iconic colors of white, red and navy, the logo #design is applied to the t-shirt and it offers a simple yet stylish statement.
The #fila X #pepsi collection features a combination of iconic logos and colors from both brands. It consists of a variety of items including short-sleeved polo shirts, dresses and hats. This #fila X #pepsi collection is anticipated to receive a favorable response among young consumers who are seeking new #fashion.
This pictorial can be found on the “1st Look” magazine website, the official #fila Korea website (www.fila.co.kr), and the official SNS channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc).