dicembre 28, 2016 - Fila

FILA Korea Unveiled the "FILA 2017 Back To School (COURT DELUXE)" Online Pictorial Featuring Popular Boy Group TEEN TOP

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FILA Korea recently unveiled an online pictorial with #stylex Magazine. The shoot, dubbed "FILA #2017backtoschool (COURT DELUXE)," featured popular boy band group, #teentop. The piece included a variety of images as well as video footage, designed to speak to the 10 - 20's age group, as students are gearing up for the 2017 school semester.
Within the pictorial, #teentop members and #niel and Changjo wore FILA's #courtdeluxe footwear, as well as SS17 apparel and accessories including the brand's long-sleeve tops and backpacks. The stylish looks highlighted the bright, cheerful and charismatic qualities of these teen idols. #teentop is not only one of the most famous boy bands among the 10-20 year-old demographic, but the group is also leading the Korean wave and recently held a successful Christmas concert in Japan.
Within the "FILA #2017backtoschool (COURT DELUXE)" shoot, #niel, who has the largest fan base and does the main vocals, and Changjo, who is a multi-talented entertainer and often the center of attention, shined throughout the pictorial. The participation of renowned photographer Zo Sun-Hi attracted even more attention to the shoot.
The #fila #courtdeluxe shoes served as the highlight of the shoot. The footwear has been extremely popular among fans in their teens and twenties and continues to sell out since it first launched in the FW16 season. FILA's SS17 backpacks matched back to the #courtdeluxe shoes. The backpacks are also expected to receive a good response from this customer base due to the simple #design, with square type, elegant colors and superior durability.
Beginning on December 23, the "FILA #2017backtoschool (COURT DELUXE)" pictorial featuring #fila and #teentop members #niel and Changjo can be viewed on various channels, including #fila Korea's official Facebook and Instagram pages, Korea's online media, major websites and on social media.