agosto 25, 2016 - Bilstein

BILSTEIN announces DampTronic® shock absorbers and suspensions for BMW M3 and M4

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In the current models #bmw #m3 and #m4, a 431 HP biturbo inline six-cylinder engine is perfectly paired with the suspension. In contrast to the basic models, the sporty top line models from the 3 Series and 4 Series feature a completely independent axle design. In addition to the standard suspension, customers can also choose the adaptive M suspension, which adapts to the current road conditions within milliseconds. To ensure driving remains enjoyable even after many miles, #bilstein announces a new standard replacement shock absorber, the #bilstein B4 DampTronic, the even stronger B6 DampTronic and the high-end coilover suspension B16 DampTronic at the automechanika 2016. All products are the perfect plug-and-play solution and support all functions of the factory-installed active suspension.

The #bilstein B6 DampTronic mono-tube gas-pressure shock absorbers will offer even more damping force than the already available OE level shock absorber #bilstein B4 DampTronic. Following the principle “better than the original”, it delivers even better performance and durability. For #bmw #m3 and #m4 without active suspension, the conventional high performance shock absorber #bilstein B6 has already been available for some time, just like the coilover suspensions #bilstein B16 and Clubsport. In addition, the suspension specialist from Ennepetal in Germany also announces an active variant for vehicles with the adaptive M suspension: the #bilstein B16 DampTronic. The tenfold adjustment option of bump and rebound stage, many lightweight #components, and the adjustment range that is suitable for approval are a dream. This means no new approval is required in case of changes.


BILSTEIN B4 DampTronic

Article number: 23-246935 FAL, RRP: 500.00 euros excl. VAT

Article number: 23-246942 FAR, RRP: 500.00 euros excl. VAT

Article number: 20-246952 RAL, RRP: 334.00 euros excl. VAT

Article number: 20-246969 RAR, RRP: 334.00 euros excl. VAT

BILSTEIN B6 DampTronic

Article number: 31-246200 FAL, RRP: 571.00 euros excl. VAT

Article number: 31-246217 FAR, RRP: 571.00 euros excl. VAT

Article number: 26-245591 RAL, RRP: 415.00 euros excl. VAT

Article number: 26-246970 RAR, RRP: 415.00 euros excl. VAT

BILSTEIN B16 DampTronic

Article number: 49-246988, RRP: 3068.00 euros excl. VAT

Already available: passive suspension solutions in the variants #bilstein B6, #bilstein B16 and Clubsport