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june 19, 2014 - Scod

Presenting the SWATH Electra Glide Limousine Tender designed by SCOD built by NEDSHIP

Introduced at the Electric & hybrid Marine World Expo 2014, the SWATH Electra Glide Limousine Tender is the world’s first Carbon Neutral Solar Hybrid  Megayacht Tender that combines the environmental benefits of solar electric sustainability with the No sea sickness comfort of an anti-roll SWATH vessel.
Powered by twin 300hp Regen Electric outboards the Tender’s maximum speed is 45 knots.

Even so this state-of-the-art Hi-Performance Tender is far greener, more ergonomic,  virtually silent and unlike power from internal combustion engines is extremely efficient throughout its entire speed range.

At 8 knots the 50kwh Li Po Batteries give the Tender a zero carbon range of up to 40 nautical miles. The 20kw a day solar panels produce up to 7Mws annually, which at 16 knots is enough energy to travel more than 1,000 carbon neutral nautical miles.

(more infos downloading the press release)

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