april 26, 2012 - Suzuki Auto

Suzuki at Beijing AutoShow 2012

Suzuki is showcasing the G70 at the Auto China 2012. While the goal of reducing CO2 emissions is an absolute must throughout automotive development, Suzuki also believes that A-segment models should always be totally customer-responsive. With this in mind, the company has been focused on developing an A-segment car with CO2 emissions no higher than 70g/km*2 (3.0L/100km*3) for market launch in the near future, featuring – as the name suggests – the G70’s environmental technologies. Although the G70 is a petrol model, its fuel economy and emissions are on a par with those of a hybrid, thanks to its weight of just 730kg and a drag coefficient more than 10% lower than that of a Suzuki current production model. It also features a direct-injection turbo petrol engine and an Engine Auto Stop Start system with regenerative braking. All in all, the G70's CO2 emissions do not exceed 70g/km*2(3.0L/100km*3).