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july 10, 2024 - Silkway Rally

Adventure Trophy: How the Silk Way Rally Moto Standings Work for Amateurs

Four teams compete for victory in the newest category of the international marathon rally.

For the second consecutive year, the Adventure Trophy category will be featured as part of the International Silk Way Rally. This category is designed for riders who are not yet ready to compete in the sports standings but who wish to test their abilities and bikes in serious off-road conditions and become part of a world-class rally.

Adventure Trophy competitors are invited to cover the entire distance of the Silk Way Rally along the selective section following sports crews. Amateur riders are not competing alone; they are riding in teams of two or three. One team member is an experienced instructor who is able to provide advice, teach complex riding techniques, and assist in difficult situations.

In 2024, four teams participate in the Adventure Trophy category of the Silk Way Rally, each with one instructor and two riders. The teams compete with each other in terms of the speed with which they complete a selective section. A successful finish is only counted if two team members complete the stage and meet the standard announced in advance at the same time.

This opportunity allows everyone to experience the atmosphere of a significant marathon rally, navigate the most intriguing routes of Eurasia, and test their abilities with like-minded individuals.

The results of the first five stages have determined that the GS Rally Team, led by Evgeniy Pyatigorsky, is currently in the lead for the Adventure Trophy. Their main competitors are the wards of Stanislav Chvizhenko from the BigBoxer Team. The third-place team is made up of representatives from the Chinese brand QJMOTOR. In addition to enjoying the unique views of the Altai Mountains and Mongolia, the competitors also have the opportunity to test the latest QJMOTOR SVT 650 X motorcycles in close to competitive conditions.

On July 10, competitors in the Adventure Trophy category commenced the next stage of the Silk Way Rally, marking the continuation of their grand adventure. The riders will navigate the longest selective sections, sandy tracks, and the most beautiful landscapes of Mongolia as part of an international rally open to all competitors.

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