Cookie Consent by Free Privacy Policy website Ethimo and Luca Nichetto create new inspirations in decor for adding lighting and character to outdoor spaces, a mix of traditional knowhow and contemporary design
june 11, 2024 - Ethimo

Ethimo and Luca Nichetto create new inspirations in decor for adding lighting and character to outdoor spaces, a mix of traditional knowhow and contemporary design

Lustra, the new floor lamp and Folia, the original stool-table, become ‘symbols’ of how a timeless material like wrought iron can be reworked to personalise and enhance today’s living spaces.

When used to create functional and ornamental pieces and objects, wrought iron brings with it an elegant legacy of Italian craftsmanship. This capacity has always been considered an art that has preserved its relevance over time, thanks to experimentation and innovation evolving to adapt to the different architectural and decorative trends.

Of the many artisan traditions, Ethimo and Luca Nichetto have ‘adopted’ wrought iron forging, using it however with a new vision. This modern makeover given to a material naturally famous for its resistance and the fact that it can be modelled into lots of different shapes, has resulted in new ideas for furnishing the outdoors, while maintaining its fascinating characteristic ornate appearance.

Lustra is a floor lamp with a strong theatrical presence and innate elegance that rises to a height of two metres, with a one-metre diameter and a cap in blown glass.

The special working of the iron makes it a decorative element that transmits a welcoming warm mood; when lit, as well as doing its job providing diffused ambient lighting, it also creates a special eye-catching play of light and reflections that turn it into a true focal point in any setting. Ideal for illuminating dining areas, living spaces and zones for relaxing in the open air in any season, Lustra is perfectly waterproof and resistant to the elements.

Folia is the stool that. if needed, becomes a side table, an outdoor accessory born out of a desire to design a shape to be used either as seating or as a table, to create a practical, versatile piece of furniture that offers simple, fluid, multiple uses, adapting to any situation or setting.

Its name comes from its design, a delicate leaf pattern inspired by traditional iron doors that defines the seat or table top, while the “stalks” form the structure and comprise its base.

Folia can therefore be designated the role of either a stool or a side table, or, depending on the context, a (small) decorative sculpture to be used as extra seating or a handy additional surface, ideal for a conversation or relaxing corner.

Stackable and available in different colours, Folia is an element with subtle visual impact, yet sturdy safe construction.

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