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june 11, 2024 - Walter Woods

Discover the Cosmic Horror of "Dark and Deep" at Steam's Next Fest!

Solo developer, Walter Woods is thrilled to announce the participation of "Dark and Deep" at Steam's Next Fest. Following a successful debut at PAX East in March 2024, where his handcrafted horror tale captivated audiences, Walter is excited to provide a sneak peak to new audiences during the event. Everyone is invited to experience an exclusive demo of this  cosmic horror title, from June 10th - 17th. "Dark and Deep" is set to to begin haunting your Steam library in August 2024.
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Step into a Unique Cosmic Horror Experience

"Dark and Deep" defies conventional horror tropes, eschewing jump scares in favor of a deeply atmospheric and surreal experience. The game's hauntingly beautiful artwork, crafted from the illustrations of legendary 1800's artist Gustave Doré, adds a layer of visual depth and eerie beauty that sets it apart from other titles in the genre.

About Dark and Deep

Step into the shoes of Samuel Judge, an underachieving IT worker and the #1 fan of the titular conspiracy podcast, "Dark and Deep". Tired of his station in life and yearning for better opportunities, Sam attempts to defraud the company he works for, but is quickly caught up in a paranormal conspiracy that threatens to unravel everything.

Finding himself stranded in a mysterious otherworld, and hunted by the unspeakable terrors that call this new reality home, Sam must utilize mystically empowered frames to reveal the hidden horrors hunting him, harnessing the power of ancient supernatural machines to navigate the darkness. He rediscovers secrets about his own past through vivid visions, unexplainable phenomena, and snippets of his favourite pulpy conspiracy podcast that forces him to confront dark questions what is fact or fiction on his journey.