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january 22, 2024 - gun interactive

Gun Interactive Shares New Updates for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

New Characters, a New Map & More Confirmed in Latest Livestream


In a livestream broadcasted to their community yesterday, the team at Gun Interactive shared some exciting new details regarding their mutiplayer horror title The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, including new characters, a new map, and more!
Head of Brand Strategy Matt Szep and CEO/President Wes Keltner covered these topics across a wide-ranging discussion, which is available to view in its entirety on YouTube. Check out the recording below!

The expectation is that the updates and content listed below will be launched within the next 90 days. Some will arrive sooner, while others might not be available until closer to the 90-day mark.

Execution Packs & Weapon Skins
Multiple new execution packs will soon be added to the game, many of which are far more brutal than those currently available to players. Creative Director Ronnie Hobbs "pushed the dial a little further toward the dangerous to bring [these executions] to life."
As well, weapon skins will soon be available, allowing players who focus on playing as Family members to customize their favorite weaponry.

During the livestream, Matt and Wes announced that they will be partnering with the studio Art Bully to bring new styles to everyone's favorite Family and Victim characters.
Two of the most notable? Bride Sissy and the oft-requested Shirtless Johnny, both of which will be free for all players once launched.

Museum Mode
Similar to a photo mode, this will allow players to better appreciate the in-game levels, and to take and share photos of their own. As well, this mode will showcase trivia and behind-the-scenes footage from the game and the original 1974 film!

New Characters & New Map
The Gun Interactive team confirmed that a new Victim and new Family member are both in development, while still requiring further fine-tuning and testing. More key details about these characters will be shared closer to their launch.
The new map, also in development, is called The Mill, and has a wildly different layout than currently available maps, with more verticality and four distinct levels, including a dry creekbed.

More details on everything in this post can be viewed at the livestream VOD on the Gun Interactive Twitch channel here.

And make sure to join the conversations happening on the game's official subreddit, r/TXChainSawGame, as well as on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

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