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september 11, 2023 - Casalgrande Padana

Introducing Terrazzotech, the new technical tile collection by Casalgrande Padana

Terrazzotech is the new technical tile collection in which the material is the absolute star.

Casalgrande Padana’s research, cutting-edge production process, and technical expertise acquired in its 60 years in the business have led to the creation of Terrazzotech. This new collection, ideal for public and commercial spaces, has outstanding functionality and mechanical properties. Terrazzotech tiles give a modern twist to Venetian terrazzo floors, one of the most original and renowned Italian creations with centuries of history.

This new collection comes in six colours (Tech Antracite, Argento, Beige, Bianco, Grigio, and Nero), three finishes (natural, polished, and anti-slip bushhammered), and three sizes (30x60, 60x60, and 60x120 cm). The tiles are 9.4 mm thick, but the 60x60 cm format with a natural finish is 14 mm thick. The pattern they create is like a modern and dynamic jigsaw puzzle formed by chips in various shapes and sizes added to the porcelain stoneware mixture.

Terrazzotech double-charge porcelain stoneware tiles with atomised and micronised powders are incredibly wear-resistant. That’s why they are perfect for the floors and walls of public and commercial spaces exposed to stress and wear. They are also recommended for industrial settings requiring chemical and corrosion resistance (such as chemical laboratories) and pharmaceutical and food preparation settings, which must comply with stringent hygiene standards.

Casalgrande Padana Terrazzotech tiles are waterproof. In addition, the exclusive Bios Antibacterial® treatment (available upon request) helps remove 99% of the four main bacterial strains from the tiles’ surface. All these features protect the tiles from stains, bacteria, mould, fungi, yeast, solvents, oils, and chemicals. This way, their structure and appearance will never be affected.


Terrazzotech is a collection of full-body tiles, which means that the colour runs throughout the tile, ensuring a consistent surface and body structure. So, for example, if you remove the top layer, you’ll discover an identical one underneath without affecting the tiles’ aesthetics and functionality. In addition, Terrazzotech porcelain stoneware tiles don’t fear moisture, frost, fire, or abnormal temperature fluctuations, making them ideal for commercial, industrial, and public places subject to significant stress. Examples include airports, shopping centres, workshops, hospitals, food preparation, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories, schools, showrooms, stations, supermarkets, and offices. But there’s more. The anti-slip bushhammered finish (Bocciardata) helps reduce the risk of slipping, making the floors safer.

This collection can also add style and personality to any domestic space. Moreover, its anti-slip version is perfect for creating a visual continuity between interiors and exteriors.

The random repetition of irregular patterns makes each Terrazzotech tile a one-off piece. This collection is functional, versatile, and incredibly wear-resistant. Equally important, it’s made solely with natural raw materials, making it environmentally sustainable, fully recyclable, non-allergenic, fire-resistant, and with antibacterial properties. All these features make these tiles ideal for any architectural project and any condition. This way, they give architects the flexibility to redefine the spaces of the future.