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november 24, 2022 - Beking Monaco

The stars of international cycling at Beking Monaco 2022

Everything is ready for the second edition of Beking to be held on Sunday - 27 November - in Monaco. The famous Port Hercule will be the real beating heart of the #event, a concentration of races and activities open to fans, cyclists, families and great champions of international #sport, all together under the banner of solidarity and sustainable mobility.

The highlight of the day will be the criterium of the professionals with the participation of big names who will compete on the iconic circuit of Monte Carlo for forty laps in total. At the end a general classification and a most aggressive rider classification will be drawn up.

The Pro-Am, on the other hand, involves nine teams composed of two professionals, one #sport ambassador and two amateurs who will compete on the same criterium circuit. This challenge will involve fans and make them the protagonists of an experience in close contact with their idols. Fans will have the opportunity to witness a unique spectacle, as well as enjoy the village in the Expo Area with lots of good music and all the latest news from the cycling world.

Peter Sagan, Primož Roglič - the winner of the first edition - Elia Viviani, Matteo Trentin, Tadej Pogacar, Philippe Gilbert, Luke Rowe, Lizzie Deignan, Elena Cecchini and Urška Žigart are just some of the great champions who will be attending Beking. In addition to their talent, they share their enthusiasm for this #event in favour of charitable projects and proper road education for adults and children.

Some of their pre-event statements testify to their fervent commitment and participation:

For me it is a special day because I can share it with my wife and two children. The best part of it is to be an #event open to families where everyone has the opportunity to have fun. The kids can ride on the same course I pedal along and I can test my legs in mid-winter. A simply magical day! (Luke Rowe)

Being able to introduce children to cycling and bicycles is something extremely important to me and for our future. I'm happy to support Beking in this regard and help the kids get on the saddle (Tadej Pogacar).

Today the issue of cycling in the city is a priority. In contexts like these, it is important to have a sustainable mode of transport that allows you to avoid traffic, practice some #sport, be outdoors and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. I myself live in Monaco and always get around with my Stromer. I am fast, I go everywhere, I stay healthy and I am much more efficient because I have also added two handy panniers and I can go shopping easily. (Philippe Gilbert)

"Beking Monaco is an #event that supports charities through cycling while raising awareness of cycling as a synonym for sustainable mobility. The #event, organised by CMT and AWE, is open to the public, and will take place on 27 November at the Port Hercule in Monaco, with a variety of activities under the banner of #sport and solidarity."

I am happy to participate in Monaco Beking because I spend a lot of time - especially for training - in Monaco. I have noticed that children, also through their schools, have the opportunity to practice a lot of sports, but I think cycling still needs an extra boost. Certainly the rather heavy traffic in Monaco may not create an ideal environment to initiate them into this #sport. That is why I believe that a cycling day where children can try cycling without traffic and danger can bring them closer to this #sport. This is the main motivation for me to participate in this #event, in addition of course to the pleasure of having fun with colleagues with whom we train and race all year round. (Elena Cecchini)

For me it is important to come to Beking on Sunday because Monaco is a beautiful city, we are by the sea and we will be cycling. It will be a day entirely dedicated to cycling where the children will be able to take part in different activities throughout the day. There will be a nice moment of #sport and entertainment at 2pm when the best racers in the world will compete on the city streets. It will be an opportunity to share your curiosity with the athletes and perhaps with your idols. I think it is undoubtedly a great way to spend a beautiful Sunday dedicated to cycling in the context of an #event that wants to promote its everyday use by giving children the chance to ride around Monaco on their little bikes accompanied by cycling champions. We look forward to seeing you. (Elia Viviani)

It is important to support events like Beking because it is a way of showing people our lifestyle and what we do on a daily basis. But it is also a perfect time to bring people together in solidarity in an #event that has as one of its goals to raise money to donate tothose who need it most (Urska Zigart).

In Monaco we don't have big events like this, where children can race on a circuit like this, safely. Moreover, it is a way to raise awareness of mobility and increase the use of bicycles in the city. My daughter grew up here, I would like her to always be free to ride safely. I think cycling can contribute to social welfare, besides being an opportunity to stay fit, it is a great #sport for increasing socialisation. For the second edition of Beking I hope for a great participation, especially of children and young people, I hope they want to approach this discipline. Last year was great, for sure it will be a great day again with lots of people and lots of supporters. I am looking forward to it! (Michael Matthews)