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november 24, 2022 - Steyr

Steyr® impuls and profi tractors receive control upgrade for 2023

S-Tech 700 touchscreen terminal replaced by new S-Tech 700 Plus / Larger, higher resolution screen: enhanced operation and vison / AEF ISOBUS certified: implement ‘plug-and-play’

A new S-Tech 700 Plus touchscreen control terminal has replaced the former S-Tech 700 unit on the latest STEYR® Impuls CVT, Profi S-Control 8 and Profi CVT tractors for 2023, with benefits for ease of use and operation – and the tractors also benefit from a new GPS signal receiver.

High-grade manufacturing materials to suit a #steyr: the new S-Tech 700 Plus terminal

The casing of the new S-Tech 700 Plus touchscreen terminal is constructed from aluminium, for maximum durability. Its tablet-style touchscreen measures 12.1in across, 35% more than the 10.4in unit on the S-Tech 700 it replaces, making it easier to view and operate. The redesign has boosted factors including resolution, illumination and aspect ratio, as well as screen response to fingertip touch. Visibility through long working days and seasons is enhanced by anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint screen properties, and the terminal can be specified integrated into the armrest or mounted on the right-hand side monitor rail.

Internal components boost productivity

Thanks to internal upgrades, memory storage capacity has been increased significantly, from 256MB to 16GB. This makes operating functions much faster, especially with regard to ISOBUS and multi-task operations. The S-Tech 700 Plus terminal screen can display feeds from up to four cameras, giving the operator the ability to monitor various tractor and implement areas.

“The new S-Tech 700 Plus terminal makes #steyr Impuls and Profi tractors even simpler and more intuitive to operate,” says #christeldiebolt, #steyr product marketing manager for Profi tractors.

“There is also a new #steyr 392 receiver available for these tractors, replacing the #steyr 372, and including new correction signals.”

Darragh Mullin, #steyr product marketing manager for Impuls tractors, explains that the 392 receiver uses Galileo, Beidou and QZSS satellite constellations, plus GPS and GLONASS, for quick initialization and fast achievement of targeted accuracy, plus low likelihood of signal loss.

“Available in base, medium and high accuracy levels of 15.0, 4.0 or, when using the RTK+ network, 1.5cm repeatable pass-to-pass year-on-year accuracy, customers can be confident that with #steyr 392 they can benefit from full auto-steering even in difficult conditions, and be assured of minimal likelihood of signal loss in difficult fields.”

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