Cookie Consent by Free Privacy Policy website Beking rides alongside the Princesse Charlene de Monaco Foundation and Fight Aids Monaco
november 17, 2022 - Beking Monaco

Beking rides alongside the Princesse Charlene de Monaco Foundation and Fight Aids Monaco

Created with the precise aim of uniting #sport and charity to help with actions, Beking #monaco is much more than a cycling #event. The #event involves local associations, creating an important human
link with the #people before the implementation of projects, so that there is always the security of sharing objectives and results.

"We thought about Beking during the lockdown," explained #matteotrentin. "And it was automatic to reflect first of all on the future, on what we would like our children to have as authentic values, on which to base their lives. We wanted to bring a different #event to #monaco, one that would also
involve local families and foundations."

Beking supports two associations in particular: the Princess Charlene of #monaco Foundation and
Fight Aids #monaco, engaged on two different fronts but absolutely in line with the values of the

Founded by H.S.H. Princess Stephanie, since 2004 #fightaidsmonaco has been supporting people
living with HIV, as well as carrying out a prevention campaign, both in France and in some African
regions. Over the years, the association has become a firm point of reference for those who feel
excluded because of this disease, creating personal and shared paths to find their place in society
and in themselves.

"Beking is fun, educational and convivial, but it also wants to be a way to shed light on important
issues and get more #people involved in social engagement," Matteo continued. "Cycling is in itself a
great medium to convey messages in a simple and clear way at the same time. Our shared passion
has created great opportunities."

Launched on 14 December 2012, the Princess Charlene of #monaco Foundation is dedicated to
saving lives, fighting drowning and educating children to become responsible and aware adults. Its
missions are to raise awareness of the dangers of water and to teach children preventive measures,
as well as to introduce them to swimming and #sport. The Learn to Swim and Water Safety programmes are carried out worldwide. The #sport & Education programme on the other hand aims to encourage sporting activities in order to contribute to the well-being and development of children.

"In a world like ours, #sport can become a valid answer to many problems," he concluded. "Now that
we are more than ever faced with the need to consume less fossil fuels, the bicycle is perfect for short-distance travel. Just imagine #people cycling to work and we will have less traffic on the roads,
a big saving in the use of hydrocarbons and much cleaner air. This is just one example of all that can be done by sticking together, that's why I find it really important to have a solid partnership with foundations, they help us to have more of a voice internationally as well."

For an #event like Beking, it is essential that the associations' missions are in line with the values
conveyed by cycling and the #event itself, a key point to take these challenges forward and unite all
participants towards the pursuit of a single goal, as this is what cycling teaches.

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