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october 12, 2022 - Beking Monaco

Philippe Gilbert: "My last season is not over, in Beking I race in the name of solidarity and sustainable mobility"

The 2012 World Champion has a special connection to this project and will close his legendary career on the #monaco circuit.

Eighty career victories, including the 2012 World Championship in Limburg and five 'Monument' victories - a Ronde van Vlaanderen, a Paris-Roubaix, a Liège-Bastogne-Liège and two Giro di Lombardia: #philippegilbert not only has an outstanding record, but can also be considered one of the most charismatic protagonists of international cycling in recent years. At the age of forty, of which nineteen years of professionalism behind him, the Belgian champion has announced his retirement from #competition, but fans will be able to see him compete on the road once again on 27 November, on the #bekingmonaco2022 circuit, a project of which he is one of the most convinced supporters.

"I believed in this initiative from the start," he explained. "The thing that immediately got me involved was the aspect of promoting cycling in schools: it's important to introduce our wonderful #sport to young #people and it's a subject very close to my heart. My favourite part of this day will actually be in the morning, when I will be able to ride with the children on the closed circuit, as it is the only time of the year you can do this in #monaco."

In addition to bringing the kids closer to cycling, one of the many social implications of Beking is also the promotion of the bicycle as a sustainable transport mode for getting around the city, saving time, avoiding hours in traffic and - last but not least - having a moment to oneself during which one can practise #sport in the open air.

"Sport is a social vehicle and plays an important role in the development of children and human beings in general, because we are meant to be active," Gilbert said. "When I leave for training in the early hours of the day, I am always happy to pass #people cycling to work in Munich. The clerk in my shop comes to work almost all year round on a #bike and this definitely gives him a different twist to get through the day, he gains health and also happiness, an ingredient we all need, every day."

The appointment is for Sunday, 27 November where the great champions will compete in a criterium that is the heart of the #event and fans - young and old - will be able to experience a day alongside the most famous names in international cycling.

"I hope for a great success of the second edition," he concludes. "I hope that the weather will also be on our side, so that we can enjoy this day with as many #people as possible. For me Beking is a celebration of our #sport."