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september 14, 2022 - Fondation Beyeler

“Friday Beyeler”: A new series of events at the Fondation Beyeler

This autumn, to mark the 25th anniversary of the museum’s creation, we are launching a new series of public events: “Friday Beyeler,” from September 16 to December 16, 2022, welcomes visitors to the exhibitions, the park and the restaurant on Friday evenings with extended opening hours until 10 p.m., offering a range of opportunities for interesting and inspiring encounters at the start of the weekend.

“I Hear a New World – 14 Miaows of the Future” 
Under the title “I Hear a New World – 14 Miaows of the Future,” students and teachers from the Institute Art Gender Nature at the Basel Academy of Art and Design, with their director Chus Martínez, will be transforming the museum foyer into a creative platform for #contemporaryart, combining live performance, films, and talks, as well as music, poetry, and dance.

Each Friday evening is conceived as a micro-festival in its own right, bringing together art forms and insights from twenty-five years of history at the #fondationbeyeler to reflect on what we can appreciate and protect with the aid of art. The starting point for the performative explorations is a seemingly invisible passage under the museum, standing on the former site of a cat museum. “Hearing a new world,” in this connection, involves a particular kind of openness and receptivity, a readiness to engage with the works and artists and to celebrate a sense of community.
The “Friday Beyeler” events are included in the price of museum admission. Performances are ongoing and can be visited at any time. The entire museum, the restaurant, and the park will stay open for the duration of the event.

Further information in the press release to download