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june 23, 2022 - Volvo

Simon Matti awarded with Håkan Frisinger’s Award for Excellence in Transportation

The 2022 #scholarship from #hakanfrisingersfoundation for Transport #research is awarded to #simonmatti, Professor at Luleå University of Technology. The Foundation has also decided to grant SEK 500 000 SEK for the VREF Visiting Researcher Programme 2022 to Chalmers University of Technology.

Simon Matti is awarded the #scholarship of SEK 300,000 for his extensive #research work, while the grant of SEK 500,000 for the VREF (Volvo #research and Educational Foundations) Visiting Researcher Program is given to Chalmers University of Technology which hosts the award-winning guest researcher.

“Simon Matti's #research concerns strategy and policy for climate and the environment, which is very relevant for the field of transport #research. Prof. Matti focuses on general political attitudes, political legitimacy and political behavior, and also has well-documented experience of interdisciplinary #research. His strong scientific track record is combined with a strong teaching and supervision record at various levels (bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctoral degree), and he has shown the ability to #research communication and implement #research results that lead to societal impact,” says the Board of Håkan Frisinger’s Foundation in their motivation.

The proposed program at Chalmers University of Technology will provide good opportunities for fruitful interdisciplinary collaboration. Matti's experience of general political attitudes and behavioral economics will contribute to #research on transport and mobility, especially in terms of consumption patterns and adjustment.

The Håkan Frisinger Foundation was initiated by AB #volvo and has independently issued annual scholarships in means of transport #research in #sweden since 2000, and from 2021 in the Nordic countries. The aim of the #award is to promote and support #research and development in the field of transport, for the benefit of academia, industry and society in general.

See more information about the foundation here.

June 23, 2022