november 29, 2021 - ecodolomitesgt

ECOdolomitesGT 2021: here is the podium reserved for green racing cars

The winners of the regularity competition valid for the International FIA E-Rally Regularity Cup 2021 and for the Italian ACI-Sport #green Challenge Cup Championship have been awarded

Primiero San Martino di Castrozza, #trento, 28 November 2021 – The #ecodolomitesgt, an #automotive sporting event  reserved for cars with alternative propulsions and fuels, ended on the evening of Saturday2 7 November inPrimiero San Martino di Castrozza, in the province ofTrento.

The route, departure and arrival in the Trentino area, went as far as  Ortisei  touching the suggestive corners of the Dolomites in Trentino, Veneto and Alto-Adige, crossing under an autumn snowfall several    passes, from  Rolle  to  Sella,from  Gardena  to  Campolongo  up  to  Cereda. 4 sectors for 413 kilometers total,with a maximum of about200 kilometers between one recharge and another for electric cars. 8 special stages for a total of 157 kilometers, during which the drivers  had to try their hand at maintaining the average specifications imposed by the regulations.

There are two classifications, that of the regularity and consumption e-rally reserved for electric vehicles and that of the regularity ecorally for all alternative power supplies, valid respectively for theInternational FIA E-Rally Regularity Cup 2021  and for the Italian ACI-Sport #green Challenge Cup Championship.


For the part dedicated to the FIA e-Rally first classified  the French  Didier Malga and #annevaleriebonnelle of theFrench Red Cow #racing team  on Kia e-Niro ID4,  second classified the Bulgarian Kalin Dedikov  and the Czech Petr Benes  of the Czech team Phoenix Contact CR, on Hyundai Kona E, and third classified the Italian Guido Guerrini and the Polish Artur Prusak  of the Italian Autotest Motorsport Team. The points awarded with the #ecodolomitesgt are valid for  the International FIA E-Rally Regularity Cup 2021.

After the Trentino competition, Eneko Conde Pujana for the riders and Lorenzo Serrano Gallegos for the  co-pilots(navigators),both Spanish, are confirmed at the top of  the  international standings.

The organization then awarded the ECOdolomitesGT – Tesla Club Italy Special Prize,  theECOdolomitesGT –  Ecoverso Special Prize  and  the ECOdolomitesGT –  EVolution Team Special Prize,all awarded on specific absolute or specifically energetic performances to some crews.

The part of the event dedicated to the Italian #green Challenge Cup Championship saw  3 races played  during the three days, all valid for the  Italian ACI-Sport #green Challenge Cup Championship. On highest podium of Race 1 Michal Zdarsky and Jakub Nabelek on Kia E-Niro 64 kW,team Kia Czech, first classified in Race 2 Carlos Sergnese Mastelli and José Luis Rodriguez Perez on Volkswagen ID4 1st, team RPMV, win instead  Race 3 Franko Spacapan and Tadej Spacapan on Hyundai Kona E, team Mhale AMD Gorica.

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