november 25, 2021 - ecodolomitesgt

The ECOdolomitesGT 2021 kicks off

In the three days of competition protagonists are e-propulsion and alternative fuels. The  cars in the race on display in the center of #primierosanmartinodicastrozza on Thursday and Saturday.

Primiero San Martino di Castrozza, #trento, November 24th, 2021  –  Starting on Thursday November 25th from Primiero San Martino di Castrozza, (TN),  the ECOdolomitesGT 2021,  regularity competition reserved for "ecological" cars.

Two races are held: the regularity and consumption e-rally reserved only for electric cars valid for the International FIA E-Rally  Regularity Cup 2021 and the regularity ecorally for all alternative fuels – hybrid, electric, LPG, methane and biomethane – valid for the Italian ACI-Sport #green Challenge Cup Championship.

The cars in the race meet on Thursday morning from 9.30 am in Piazza del Municipio, which houses the EDGT Charge-Park, headquarters of the motor #event and home of the charge park, where electrified cars can "fill up" with electricity from renewable sources. The crews will be busy until 2.30 pm with technical and administrative checks, while the departure of the first car is scheduled for 5 pm, all the remaining cars in the race will follow one minute from each other.

The route, which starts and returns from Primiero San Martino di Castrozza going as far as Ortisei and touches  suggestive corners of the Dolomites in Trentino, Veneto and Alto-Adige, is  divided into  4 semi-stages  for  413 total kilometers,  with a maximum of about 200 kilometers between one recharge and another for electric cars. 8    special stages for a total of 157  kilometers,during which the drivers will have to try their hand at maintaining the average specifications imposed by the regulations.

Saturday, November 27 will be the final day of the #event. The first car will cross the finish line at 12.00, in the center of the Frazione Fiera di Primiero, near the EDGT  Charge-Park. Publication of the Final Ranking on-line @ on the same day at 7pm. 00. Award ceremony at 21.00 at the Palazzo delle Miniere in #primierosanmartinodicastrozza.

This is the last stage of both the 2021 championships, the international FIA and the national ACI-Sport and the absolute winners will be decided.

The center of #primierosanmartinodicastrozza for the occasion is also transformed into an exhibition. Fans of cars, engines and sustainable mobility, in addition to witnessing the departure and arrival, will be able to see the cars up close in Piazza del Municipio on Thursday from morning until the departure at 5 pm as well  as Friday from 9 am and Saturday from 12 pm, when the cars will cross the finish line, and then remain parked until the end of the award ceremony.

Eco Challenging Cars and Road book

Cars approved for normal road traffic can take part in the competitions, as long as they are powered by alternative propulsion and fuels / electric motors.  Each crew consists of two #people in possession of a driving license and a certificate suitable for non-competitive sports.

"To participate it is not necessary to be a professional driver - explains #mariomontanuccipignatelli, coordinator of the  CHRISTOF RaceBioConcept Team & BioDrive Academy, co-organizer - the race is open to all, even if it requires attention and commitment as the path to follow and the times to be respected are indicated in the Road Book,the paper navigator used in regularity competitions. "


Competitors will be rewarded with points valid for the two prestigious Championships, FIA and Aci Sport, through trophies made from the trees felled by the Vaia storm of 2018,naturally and handcrafted carved in the same aesthetic form of the  Dolomites  themselves: a way to pay homage to the places where the #event takes place and remember a local consequence of climate change.

In addition to the prizes of "federal" relevance – that is, dedicated to the first three placements in the respective FIA and ACI-Sport championship races – and to some other specific prizes or special awards, the organization will confer, in the FIA International Ranking, the ECOdolomitesGT – Tesla Club Italy Special Prize,dedicated to the best general placements among the members of the Tesla Club  Italy  : the 1st Tesla Club of Italy officially adheres to the #event.

In the ACI-Sport National Ranking – enlarged, in addition to electric cars, also to hybrid cars with LPG, methane and biomethane – theECOdolomitesGT – Ecoverso Special Prize will beawarded, dedicated to the participants in the #event members of the Ecoverso Association of eco-drivers.

On a ranking based on absolute consumption, the ECOdolomitesGT –  EVolution  Team Special  Prize will also beawarded, created in collaboration with the latter association.

The Ecorally

The ECOdolomitesGT, promoted  by Christof RaceBioConcept Team  –  BioDrive Academy & ECOmove,falls into the category of Ecorally, competitions born in 2006 with the 1st EcoRally Rome – San Marino.

These disciplines - explain the organizers - in addition to experimenting on the field the performance of carswith low environmentalimpact, have laid, over time, the foundations to regulate at national and international level all the races with "ecological" cars,up to the famous FIA Formula-E® and FIA Formula Extreme-E®, as well as other car competitions with LPG cars,  methane, biomethane, bioethanol and biodiesel and/or powered by hybrid or exclusively electric propulsion.


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