october 13, 2021 - Cupra

CUPRA Born: The brand’s first 100% electric model ready to be the impulse in the EV market

he #cupra Born forms the next stage of the unconventional challenger brand’s development, and as the industry shifts to a more environmentally conscious position, electrification is one of the keys.

CUPRA already offers 6 plug-in hybrid versions: #cupra Leon, #cupra Leon Sportstourer and #cupra Formentor models, available with two different output (204 or 245PS). In addition to the plug-in hybrid #cupra models and the #cupra Born, the brand’s first fully electric car, which will be launched at the end of the year, the company already announced the launch of the #cupra Tavascan in 2024, as well as the urban electric car in 2025.

The #cupra Born integrates the most advanced powertrain technology: the pure electric system is available with a choice of either 150PS (110kW) or 204PS (150kW) electric engines that deliver energy to the rear wheels. Coupled to a high-performance lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of up to 58kWh, enough for a range of up to 424km.

But the #cupra Born goes beyond those numbers, adding more performance. With the addition of an e-Boost1 package maximum output reaches up to 170kW and battery packs up to 77kW delivers a range of around 540km* for an even longer more engaging driving experience.

The #cupra Born is a driver’s car, delivering electrifying sportiness thanks to its DCC sport and ESC Sport, making the all-electric high-performance car dynamic and emotional to drive. The progressive steering as well as larger brakes and wider tyres mounted on 20’’ alloy wheels provide incredible feedback, building confidence to push on.

Performance is matched by the #cupra Born’s stimulating style. The front end, with its meaningful character and refined cues from the lighting style, the creases in the bonnet and the framing of the #cupra badge deliver a determined face that expresses strength and determination.

Inside, the dynamic character continues. The focus is placed strongly towards the driver as any #cupra should be, but the cabin is designed to accommodate all occupants in style and comfort but integrating an environmentally friendly twist.

A range of materials wrap the interior to create a feeling of sportiness, refinement and quality, including the standard bucket seats that use SEAQUAL® Yarn made from upcycled marine plastics. The optional bucket seats are made of Dinamica® – another recycled material. CUPRA’s approach to environmental consciousness encapsulates far more than simply the energy that power its vehicles.

From the #cupra steering wheel to the copper accents throughout, the #cupra Born is every bit part of the brand’s family.

The #cupra Born is more than just a high-performance #ev, it’s a vehicle ready for a digital existence, integrating the latest-generation infotainment system, access to online services, an eco-system full of downloadable apps, safety and service features as well as remote access. A vehicle ready to be an integrated part of our digital lives.

Functions are accessed simply and intuitively through the #cupra Born’s standard floating high-definition 12” infotainment screen, or via the newly developed “My CUPRA” app when away from the vehicle.

“My CUPRA” app is the gateway to controlling the #cupra Born and gives users access to a range of features including charging, both at home and on the road. When the #cupra Born is taking on the asphalt it will never leave you stranded; 100km of additional range can be delivered in as little as 7 minutes – the time to take a coffee at the station - on a 170kW charging network.

With a maximum range of up to 540* kilometre and a stimulating design, the #cupra Born will broaden the brand’s customer base, bringing in people looking for the most advanced technology with minimal environmental impact, as some elements of the model will be made from recycled plastic materials. Not only that, it will challenge traditional sales approaches helping bring the #cupra Born to a wider audience.

CUPRA’s second strategic pillar is a new distribution strategy. The launch of the #cupra Born will bring with it an agency model, a disruptive system that will reinforce its online presence.

As well as traditional sales, the #cupra Born will be offered under subscription contracts***, with a monthly fee that will include the use of the vehicle and other related services. The new strategy will open the door to new international markets and increase the brand’s presence in the most electrified countries.

The #cupra Born is a vehicle that will accelerate electric transformation while maintaining the love for cars and driving experiences focused on living emotions.

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