june 09, 2021 - Origami Steel

The Passing of Time with Can’t Wait

Seconds, minutes, hours ... the time that passes ... but not only. Wall clocks are not exclusively a function, on the contrary they immediately show themselves for their captivating aesthetics. Having now become an essential element of #design furniture, they amaze us with the variety of shapes and colors. Digital and modern or, analogue, antique, vintage. Difficult is the choice!

Can't wait relives the classic spirit of the cuckoo clock to recall a sound from the past, a mountain hut, a soup on the fire, the grandparents ... it relives it, reinterpreting it in the light of the needs of our daily life. #origamisteel has always thought about Nature and has created a wall clock once again with an absolutely recyclable and therefore eco-friendly structure. The metal, at the base of every object in our collection, has replaced wood and becomes an explosion of color in a kitchen, in an entrance, or in a studio. In the living area it will be able to amaze with its tenderness and its delicate shape, truly able to win over friends and visitors; the little ones will sleep peacefully in a bedroom that will immerse itself in the magic of this nice clock.

Can’t wait will create a serene environment, where it will be spontaneous to experience moments of joy.

Time is quality to be spent with the people you love, in a space that talks about you and welcomes you among the objects you love the most. #origamisteel gives your home a green note, a sustainable #design that respects the environment.

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