may 13, 2021 - Origami Steel

All the Emotions of Spring

A collection of precious objects that speak of Nature, what better description. Origami Steel is an infinite Spring, a continuous blossoming of ideas and emotions. The inspiration for every single detail comes from the love for Greenery, an ethical inclination that we transfer to our line suitable for both outdoor and indoor.

Flowers, leaves, animals are carefully cut each time from a metal plate, a recyclable and eternally reusable raw material. The production processes are low-impact, thus guaranteeing, for those of us who believe in respecting the environment, a #design that is always eco-sustainable.

Origami Steel gives shape to Maple Leaf, with unmistakable contours that trace the famous maple leaf, to make it an original vase or magazine rack, or a container.

Origami Steel has thought of Bracket in the Flowers and Butterflies and Robins versions as a support for plants, to hang a lamp, hook a jewel, keys or a scarf.

Our objects are delightful decorations, which are always combined with the concept of multifunction. They can be placed in any living environment, in a study, in a waiting room, with a unique touch of freshness and color. Discover all the colors of ours and your Spring with the Origami Steel proposals and give your spaces lightness and joy.

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