april 14, 2021 - B&B Italia

Noonu - design Antonio Citterio

Noonu is an atoll, a corner of pure relaxation amidst the colours of the Maldives. Noonu is also the name of the new sofa system that #antoniocitterio has 
designed for B&B Italia: a brand-new project created to continue and complete the journey started in 2018 with B&B Atoll. 

The Noonu collection works in harmony with B&B Italia’s previous collections to form a fullyfledged archipelago of options, where the unique 
character that distinguishes each individual element does its part in telling a cohesive story.

“The theme of islands started back in the mid-‘80s,” says architect #antoniocitterio, “when we invented a selection of new types with the Sity line. We started referring to sofas with ‘peninsulas’ and ‘islands’, but that sort of terminology was, at the time, somewhat unusual. Nowadays, they’re part of our everyday vocabulary”.

Today, that pioneering intuition has been transformed into an organic vision in which Noonu is offering itself as a port, a starting point from which to cast off and explore new territory.

Noonu is a system of upholstery in which large sizes meet impressive flexibility. The supporting structure disappears from view, creating “islands” which appear to almost float, suspended in mid-air. 

The seats themselves are deep, with a single, large seat cushion that guarantees extreme comfort, 
inviting and relaxing whilst also characterising the overall aesthetic. 

Further information in the press release to download

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