april 07, 2021 - Samara Editions

Launch of Samara Editions - performances by post

In its first year of activity, Samara Editions will produce six performances that you can experience wherever the post service arrives. 

First creation FIONDE (Slingshots) by Chiara Bersani 

Milan, 7th April 2021. When the audience member buys a ticket for a #performance produced by Samara they receive a box that contains everything to experience a première in the intimacy of one's private space. 

Conceived by a curatorial team composed by Eva Neklyaeva (independent curator, Milan/Helsinki), Lisa Gilardino (performing arts curator and manager, Bologna) and Marco Cendron (art director POMO, studio of visual communication, Milan), Samara Editions is born from the urge to imagine innovative ways to connect artists and spectators, through non- conventional formats. 

Samara performances can be experienced everywhere, thus creating a cross-border community of audiences, spread world-wide, wherever the post works. The format of the box changes every time, according to the needs of an artist and the nature of the project - but each object activates a performative experience, following a set of instructions. The content of the box is not revealed beforehand - triggering a mechanism of surprise, an encounter with the unexpected

Samara also launches a news channel @samaraeditions on Telegram platform, that provides in-depth coverage on the diversity of formats of contemporary performance, with commissioned articles by artists and curators

Samara invites artists to imagine how their practice can be transformed into an object that creates a performative experience: in the first year six performances will be produced, including new works by Kate McIntosh and Jenna Sutela. The first commission – FIONDE (slingshots) by Chiara Bersani with Ilaria Lemmo – is already available to order online. 

After premiering at the International Theatre Festival in Oslo, FIONDE will be part of the programme of Spring performing arts festival in Utrecht next May, while, for spectators from the rest of the world, tickets are on sale on www.samaraeditions.com

FIONDE is a box that contains a poetic script written by Chiara Bersani, a musical score composed by Ilaria Lemmo and a set of objects that together offer the audience everything that is needed to invent new rituals.

"During the past year, our shapes have shifted, the structures are twisted – says Chiara Bersani  Our private life has been rewritten, loneliness has changed face and the collective has misplaced its bodies. Celebrations and rituals have been silenced. Our images are filled up with deserts in which getting lost is much too easy, and we just want to accept that; embrace the vertigo and set about finding new strategies to adapt." 

Samara Editions co-produces artworks together with Black Box teater (Oslo), Spielart Festival (Munich) and Vooruit Arts Centre (Ghent). This project was made possible through the support of Kone Foundation and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.